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Country Walkers - for the Curious and Experienced

Country Walkers for the Curious and Experienced

Health-minded, curious and adventurous travelers can revel in the bevy of new and exhilarating Country Walkers trips. The destinations may be familiar in name but the itineraries allow travelers to experience these regions like never before. From Walking Tours to Family Trips to Multi-Adventure Trips, Country Walkers new departures have something appealing for repeat clients and new travelers looking for that next extraordinary journey.

"Through years of experience, we have found that people travel to a certain destination for a few good reasons; pure curiosity or the simple love of the destination," said Bob Ellsasser, president of Country Walkers. "Our goal when planning these new trips was to make this the year new travelers took their first "walk" with Country Walkers, while savvy travelers came back to a destination to experience it in the most personal, satisfying and adventurous way. We're certain our new programs will ignite a passion for exploring the world from a truly unique vantage point-by foot!"

Country Walkers is offering 5 new trips:

Iceland: Walking Tour
Among the many sites on this journey, are three national parks, some home to Europe's largest glaciers. Walkers view from the water's edge, the majesty of large and small icebergs drifting by in a glacier lagoon. From waterfalls to the crest of Ingolfshofdi promontory, the home of Iceland's first Norse settler, to the rugged sea cliffs where dozens of bird species nest, every step of this tour ignites the senses! Walkers pass ancient farmsteads and moss-covered lava fields where horses and sheep roam. Evenings are spent relaxing with succulent meals with the mountains and sea serving as an awe-inspiring backdrop.

Spain: Granada to Seville; Walking Tour
Starting in Granada, the walking route encompasses a landscape of olive groves, almond and fruit orchards, rushing mountain streams and lush valleys. Gorgeous national parks enhance the journey, including Sierra de Grazalema National Park where walkers wander into tiny pueblos blancos (white villages) tucked neatly into mountainsides. The tour enters Ronda, a lovely town featuring a stone bridge spanning a river gorge and Spain's oldest bullfighting ring. In a quest to embrace a destination of dazzling beauty, history and cultural richness, the tour reaches Seville, home to flamenco, tapas and bullfighting! The bustling Barrio de Santa Cruz, the millennium-old Alcazar Palace and ornate buildings enhance the sense that this trip has taken travelers back into Spain's glorious past.

Alaska: Kenai Peninsula; Multi-Asdventure Tour
The Ultimate North American frontier destination: Alaska. By combining spectacular walking routes with other exciting activities, this tour becomes the ultimate outdoor vacation.

Just outside of Anchorage, the Chugach Mountains greet each adventurer and wildlife and breath-taking landscapes appear from every angle. On Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park, picking up a coastal trail, adventurers may witness the annual migration of sockeye salmon swimming upstream along the Kenai River. From the picturesque town of Homer, the tour embarks on a spectacular boat ride to Kachemak Bay State Park- 200 miles of glaciers, lakes, mountains, islands, beaches and a rocky coast. After exploring the park on land and a brief instructional session, adventurers have the option to explore by sea kayak. Reaching the Gull Island seabird colony, the opportunity to catch a glimpse of puffins is likely. The Kenai Peninsula also showcases Alaska's rich heritage in its towns and villages, peppered with true Alaskan shops, artisans' galleries and sites honoring the region's natural history.

Ireland: Rocky Coasts & Green Valleys; Family Adventure
The rolling hills of County Cork are as bustling with fun activities as they are rich in enchanting myths and natural treasures, the ideal foundation in which to base a family vacation! The spirit of the Irish is alive in this region, from the surf pounding on a rocky coastline to the ghostly whispers whirling about the ancient sites. On Bantry Bay, families ascent the 100-step "Stairway to the Sky" for a grand view from the Napoleonic watchtower. Opportunities exist to embrace coastal living by paddling about in a sea kayak, keeping an eye out for playful seals, or possibly a venture into open waters for a whale-watching excursion. A pony ride is another perfect way to appreciate such lush terrain for smaller family members. While basking in the renowned hospitality of the local Irish folk, families are treated to live Celtic music, captivating folktales, and even a chance to kick up their heels with a traditional Irish set dance.

Puerto Rico: Island Exploration; Family Adventure
Miles of sandy, white beaches showcase Puerto Rico's seaside that includes brilliant coral reefs and the world's third largest underground cave system. The walks through mountain cloud forests and arid coastal reserves on this trip introduce families to diverse flora and fauna -from lush mangroves to whimsically shaped cactus to lizards, hermit crabs, and the frigate bird, with its massive wingspan. Naturalist guides lead nighttime walks in search of nocturnal animals. Kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming are the best ways to experience these coral reefs, secluded island coves and pristine beaches. The tour takes in the island's cultural treasures as well, including an impressive visit to a fortress in Old San Juan, a 19th-century lighthouse perched atop limestone cliffs and a sprawling Spanish colonial coffee plantation. More contemporary highlights include a boat excursion to Gilligan's Island - an offshore cay - and the Arecibo Observatory, home to the world's largest telescope! Puerto Rico is so rich in spectacles that the water literally glows in Parguera, a fishing village where millions of tiny microorganisms illuminate the calm bay waters.

These 5 trips are among the 50 plus itineraries currently offered by Country Walkers. Country Walkers feature trips for all fitness levels from easy, low mileage tours to challenging ones with rugged terrain. Other options appeal to different tastes including wildlife and nature trips that include history lessons and spotting animals in some of the greatest national parks. Yet other trip choices are tempting in the areas of art, architecture and archaeology.

The opportunities to get moving, keep active and explore the world in the most down-to-earth way possible, walking it, are possible with Country Walkers!

Travelers interested in Country Walkers can learn more, request a catalog, plan a private tour or book at trip at