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Facts & Quotes on Nude Recreation

Everything You Need to Know About Nude Recreation

The American Association for Nude Recreation, located in Kissimmee, Florida, is the oldest and largest organization of its kind representing 267 affiliated clubs, resorts and RV campgrounds in North America. Individual members, for the most part, are free-spirited, outdoor enthusiasts, whose motto "Membership is a passport to fun and can be had for less than the price of a bathing suit," fits like a glove.

AANR membership brings like-minded people together in a close-knit community environment where body image is strong and self-esteem high. As nude recreation continues to gain acceptance worldwide, membership in the association has increased by 76% in the last 10 years -- to nearly 50,000.

To meet the rising demand of nude recreation, over 30 new clubs have formed during the past two years in the United States, Canada and Jamaica. Clothes-free and clothing-optional cruises are booming. According to specialty travel agencies, cruise ship and sailing charters are selling out months in advance -- most sail, at full capacity, with 30% first time nudist cruisers. Demand for nude cruises increased from one clothing-optional 500-passenger cruise liner in 1992 to seven in 2003.

The first clothing-optional charter flight - from Miami to Cancun - will take off in May 2003 - as will the first ever nude dinner train.

According to the Roper Organization, 40 million Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company.

In the ancient city of Olympia, Greece, the earliest site of the Olympics, the athletes always competed in the nude.

In Greek, "gymnos" means "nude" -- the words gym, gymnasium and gymnastics were thus derived from "nude." Gymnosophy refers to a holistic lifestyle focusing on exercise, fitness, well-being and healthy eating.

What Others Are Saying About Nudism

Travel + Leisure Magazine - "In a T+L readers' romance poll posted on AOL, to which 250,000 members responded, 33 percent said they "would take their partner to a nude beach."

Forbes Magazine - Nude travel is estimated as a $400 million global industry. "Many people who go bare never go back, citing the feeling of freedom and the lack of tan lines as their motivation."

Wall Street Journal - "Nudists are a fast-growing niche in the tourism industry. [Nudists] tend to be in their 30s or older, although there are children, teenagers and young adults to be found at most resorts."

USA Today - "Here are the bare facts: Nudity is taking off… The number of nudist clubs - as well as the number of people in the clubs - has been growing rapidly over the past few years."

Cosmopolitan - "Nudity has become such a popular pastime on college campuses that the American Association for Nude Recreation is inaugurating Nude U… aimed at students interested in the nudist lifestyle."

National Public Radio - "Nude recreation is on an upswing nationwide. Advocates say it's not about sex, but a way to get in touch with nature."

"Sentinel Sound Off," Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Florida - 1997 - The Orlando Sentinel polled its readers on the question, "Should nude sunbathing be banned in Florida?" This question prompted 2,270 calls. 72% (1,630 callers) opposed efforts to ban nude sunbathing. These results are consistent with opinions expressed in Sound Off polls conducted in 1995, 1993 and 1985.

Choice Hotels Guest Poll - 1997 - According to a Choice Hotels Guest Poll published in the Wall Street Journal, "Overall, nearly 1 in 5 sleep nude. Close to 25% of people under 35 are nude sleepers, while only 10% of the guests over 65 sleep naked."

Playboy Magazine College Sex Survey - July 1997 - 57% of the men had gone skinny-dipping with the opposite sex; 46% of the women had done so.

For more information about nude recreation call 1-800-TRY-NUDE or visit the AANR web site at