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ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine Adventure Travel: North Pole Travel Tours

Head to the North Pole for extreme adventure travel

by Jessica Howell

What better way to satisfy an adventurous travel spirit than by plotting a jaunt to the pole? That’s right, the North Pole, and nothing says “extreme” like taking it to the top – literally.

For travelers who’ve tired of sunny beaches and picturesque mountain scenes, it only seems sequential to tackle the snowy bliss of one of earth’s geographic poles. While costs are typically steep and travel time is long, an excursion of this sort is one that won’t be forgotten. And let’s not forget the bragging rights that accompany snapshots of you at the pole.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the coolest expeditions available for 2007. Find a tour that fits within your budget, timeline, and fear factor and get packing…

Taste of the North Pole: 3-Day Ski and Dogsled Expedition
Offered by The Northwest Passage (800-732-7328)

For those who want a North Pole quickie, this is your tour. Spend three nights camping on pack ice and 3 days riding dogsleds toward the North Pole. Best of all, anyone in good physical condition can catch a glimpse of polar style life on this trip. Prices start at $24,500

North Pole Icebreaker Expedition
Offered by Rannoch Adventures ( 888-571-3061)

Journey to the pole aboard the Russian icebreaker Yamal, penetrating the frozen pack ice, passing volcanic mountains, icebergs and glaciers all the way. Once a solid piece of ice is found, you’ll be able to stop and get out for a walk on the North Atlantic. You’ll likely spot polar bears, walruses and seabirds of all kinds while flight-seeing and touring the great white open.
Prices start at $20,500

10-Day Ski Adventure
Offered by Eagles Cry Adventures (678-482-5999)

The ultimate ski experience for demanding travelers and athletes alike. Head north and you’ll spend ten days on the ice with one of the world’s most experienced ski team leaders. Camp near Borneo and sleep in heated tents until you arrive at the North Pole and earn your North Pole Diploma.
Prices start at $22,700

Northwest Passage
Offered by Journeys International (800-255-8735)

Stretching almost across the top of the world (but not quite reaching the North Pole), you’ll travel the Northwest Passage, long sought by traders and explorers worldwide. Start the 14-day excursion along Canada’s northern coast and watch for wildlife (think polar bears and whales) as your journey continues all the way to the Beaufort Sea before it turns and heads home.
Prices start at $4,590.