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Travel Information For Women

Women Travelers - What They Want to Know

What kind of traveler are you? Would you want totake off for Timbuktu at a moment's notice, and figure it out as you go? Or would you want to know the plan in advance — how far, how strenuous, and what to pack for dinner? Studies have shown that women like more information in advance than men, and Adventurous Wench, a travel company specializing in active travel for women, caters to this need.

"The Penn State study found that knowing what to expect is more important to women than to men. This fits with my own experience and what I've heard from other women. Our company is dedicated to travel for women, so we strive to provide all the information they need," said Adventurous Wench founder Deanna Keahey. In addition to extensive trip information available through the website, brochure and itineraries, Adventurous Wench provides every traveler with an Adventure Essentials booklet.

Designed by women, for women, this booklet includes a detailed itinerary and much more. Specifics vary by trip, but in a sample from a Santa Fe trip, you'll find the following:

  • Meeting instructions, with what shoes to wear the first day

  • Activities, with length and elevation change for every hike

  • Tips on dealing with higher altitude

  • Ideas for getting in shape for the trip

  • Packing list, including eye drops for desert-dry eyes

  • Will your cell phone work? Can you access the internet?

  • Type of food and regional specialties - chiles

  • A timeline that puts places visited in historical perspective

  • Recommended reading, from history to mystery

"Information lets a guest be better prepared for the trip, and increases her comfort level. We want every guest to relax and have fun, and this is part of our commitment to doing that," said Keahey.

For more informaton, visit Adventurous Wench.