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Shattering Facts About Your Windshield

Windshield Maintenance Vital to Automobile Safety

Aside from its obvious benefits like protection from wind and road debris the windshield is a critical part of your vehicle's safety. In fact, the windshield is classified as a safety device and is part of a vehicle's structural safety system. In an accident, the it enables the passenger airbag to function and minimizes roof collapse.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than nine percent of all accidents are from rollovers. Passengers who remain in the vehicle during a rollover accident are 25 times more likely to escape injury. To ensure a windshield will remain intact during a collision, it must be installed properly. Proper installation of a windshield involves more than 20 steps and can take anywhere from 40 minutes to more than two hours, said Steve Zweig, director of PPG Prostars, a nation-wide network of industry-certified auto glass technicians.

There are techniques and federal regulations governing auto glass installation; therefore, it is imperative that when you need your windshield to be repaired or replaced, you find a repair center dedicated to the highest standards in the auto glass industry.

Here are some important facts that drivers should be aware of in the event that they need their windshield repaired or replaced:

There are four elements of a quality windshield replacement.
A professional technician, the right glass, the right adhesive and a warranty. Reputable shops will always stand behind their work.

Not all auto replacement glass is the same.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), like PPG, make replacement auto glass parts following the same quality procedures used to make glass for car manufacturers. As a result, PPG replacement windshields look and fit more like original equipment and meet the same safety requirements as original equipment. A properly fitted windshield reduces the likelihood of wind noise, leakage and appearance problems.

Always ensure the technician who worked on your vehicle clearly defines the safe drive-away time.
A windshield is secured into a vehicle with sophisticated adhesive systems. Safe drive-away times may vary depending on the adhesive system used and the manufacturer's recommended curing or drying time. This information should be obtained as part of written instructions to the owner, which can include pre-inspection results and the type of glass, primers and urethanes used.

Weather dictates when a technician can perform repair or replacement work outdoors.
Quality repair/replacement facilities will always try to make any service work convenient for customers, but will advise you when indoor work is necessary to adhere to all safe windshield installation and repair practices.

PPG PROSTARS shops have certified technicians and guarantee their work with a national, written warranty. Call 800-774-1711 to find a technician, or for information on the PPG PROSTARS network and PPG Industries, Inc.
(Source: PPG Prostars)