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Find the Lowest Gas Price

New Portal Finds Alternative and Lowest Gas Prices

With the high cost of fuel, many drivers are searching for the cheapest possible alternatives. Since all drivers cannot switch to a hybrid vehicle or alternative fuel, finding the cheapest gas prices in their area is the best they can do.

MapQuest’s gas portal provides information on gas prices at more than 100,000 stations around the country, as well as the location of stations offering diesel and alternative fuels and gas saving tips.

Whether it's for information, fun facts or simply plotting out a convenient route to the lowest-priced gas stations, MapQuest is focused on providing useful solutions for consumers.

Finding gas stations online is one of the many place searches that users can perform with MapQuest's renowned and comprehensive Points of Interest database, which contains more than 15 million places. Utilizing pricing data from Oil Pricing Information Service (OPIS), a leading provider of petroleum spot, rack and retail news and pricing information, which is updated up to seven times per day, the site allows users to easily find fuel stations, get maps and directions and check gas prices all in one place.

With information from the Department of Energy, consumers will also be able to find listings for alternative fuel stations, including diesel, biodiesel, CNG (compressed natural gas), E-85, electric, hydrogen, LPG (propane) and LNG (liquefied natural gas). The site will also include information about alternative fueled vehicles to help consumers become knowledgeable about this emerging market.

"With most Americans looking for ways to minimize the pain at the pump, the new MapQuest gas portal will help them find the lowest-priced gas stations in their area, or on their travel routes,” said Jim Greiner, VP and GM of MapQuest. "Whether it’s for information, fun facts or simply plotting out a convenient route to the lowest-priced gas stations, MapQuest is focused on providing useful solutions for consumers."

MapQuest Gas Price Portal Provides Users with Many Benefits:

  • Integration of MapQuest's directions feature allows consumers to map a route to the lowest-priced gas stations
  • Ability to pinpoint the most convenient gas stations located close to user by entering in an address, city, state and zip
  • Ability to zoom in and out on the map and pan around to see all gas station locations in a specified area
  • Ability to locate the type of fuel stations a consumer wants by fuel type and grade, such as Premium Gasoline or E-85
  • Ability to find convenient gas stations by brand and search for the most convenient gas stations up to a 50 mile radius

Forthcoming plans for the site include a gas price trip calculator, fuel station amenities and other mapping features.
Also, MapQuest provides a gas calculator to help drivers estimate the cost of fuel for their travels, or for their daily commutes so they can budget for the ever higher prices.

To find the lowest gas prices visit MapQuest’s Gas Portal.
Source: MapQuest