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Luxury Vehicles Become Top Lease Choices

Drivers Select Luxury Lease Vehicles

With a slowing economy it may seem difficult to obtain a trendy, new vehicle.  However, leasing may become the right option for those looking to drive that brand new car without making that purchasing commitment., an online source for auto lease transfers, offers drivers programs with less than traditional leasing options. Available to drivers nationwide, LeaseTrader’s service matches individuals looking to get out of their car lease early, with people looking for short-term leases.

According to recent reports from — which publishes a monthly index of America’s most preferred lease transfer vehicles — luxury brand models are quickly becoming the most desired vehicles for leasers. A January 2008 report has BMW and Mercedes-Benz topping the list of frequently leased cars.

Top 10 Leased Vehicles

1. BMW 3 Series
2. Mercedes C Class
3. BMW X Series
4. Land Rover Sport
5. Cadillac Escalade
6. Cadillac CTS
7. BMW 5 Series
8. Mercedes SL Class
9. Mercedes E350
10. Mercedes S550

According to Sergio Stiberman, CEO and found of LeaseTrader, the BMW 3 Series ranks at the top of America’s most preferred leased vehicle for the third straight month.

“The BMW 3 Series continues to be the most popular car on our site because it’s a marriage of both luxury and affordability,” Stiberman said. “Despite the slowing economy, people still want to enjoy a trendy car with great performance. And the BMW 3 Series delivers at a price point that is very budget-friendly.”

LeaseTrader, which includes thousands of today’s vehicles in almost every brand, make and model, allows drivers to take over someone else’s leased vehicle, avoiding expensive dealer down payments. The program provides drivers with shorter term lease options on the most sought-after cars.

For more information about the leasing program, visit LeaseTrader.

Read more about Leasing and Buying in ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine’s Auto Advice Section.

Source: LeaseTrader