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Keep Summer Gas Prices Affordable

Make Summer Gas Prices Affordable

Summer brings sunny visions of vacations, bathing suits and warm weather, but it’s also prime time for high gas prices. However, with a little creativity, gas prices this summer don’t have to be a boiling point for you. Learn more about the rise in summer gas prices and how to save gas and money this summer.

Save money at the pump this summer

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, gas prices typically rise during the summer driving season, which is defined as April 1 to September 30. Try some of these easy tips to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet:

• Combine errands – Instead of making multiple stops throughout the week, run all your errands one night after work or on the weekend. Also, try shopping at one store where you can pick up a majority of needed items.

• Drive slower – We’re all in a rush to get somewhere, but driving just a few miles per hour slower can save a significant amount of gas. Take your time and drive the speed limit for added savings.

• Use public transportation – Many larger cities make public transportation available. A monthly bus, train or subway pass will cost less than a month’s worth of gas and can be a relaxing option to start and end your workday.

• Carpool – Take turns driving co-workers to work or neighborhood kids to school, and cut your gas spending considerably.

• Walk or bike to nearby destinations – Put the car keys away and put on your tennis shoes. Not only will this option save gas, but it’s also healthier for you and the earth.
• Work from home – Find out if this option is available at your place of work. Start working in your backyard, and enjoy the summer weather instead of your office walls.

• Compare gas prices with technology – Find the cheapest gas prices by visiting one of the many websites that list this data by area. Also, some GPS devices come equipped with a feature that performs the same function.

• Buy at grocery store gas stations – Many grocery store chains are adding gas stations to their facilities, and by merely shopping in the store, you can earn discounts on gallons of gas. Get your shopping and gas all in one stop.

• Use your credit card – Does your credit card give you perks on gas for using your card and paying on time? Call your company or look online to find out about these special deals.

• Be a savvy shopper – Pay attention to the gas prices at your local gas station. Are prices higher on weekends compared to mid-week? Find out when gas is cheapest, and plan your fill-ups accordingly.

For more ways to save on automobile costs this summer, contact a reputable insurance company for car insurance coverage and ask an agent about car insurance discounts.