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U.S. News Names Best Family Cars for 2011

U.S News Names Best 2011 Cars for Families Awards

The awards identify cars that keep families safe, comfortable, on budget and happy. This year, the average American will spend almost two weeks in their car. In the right car, those two weeks can be time well-spent. In the wrong car, they can be downright miserable, especially for families.

“Given all the time today’s families spend on the road, the family car is the new family room,” says Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor for U.S. News Best Cars. “Finding a car that’s safe, affordable and capable of keeping the whole family happy is a tall order. The Best Cars for Families Awards make it easy for families to find the right car for them, no matter their lifestyle.”

Buying a family car is a huge decision for your readers and the U.S. News Best Cars for Families Awards make choosing the right car easier. The full list of winners is below. 

2011 Best Cars for Families Award Winners

Honda Fit

Best Subcompact Car for Families

Honda Civic

Best Compact Car for Families

Acura TSX

Best Upscale Small Car for Families

Ford Fusion

Best Affordable Midsize Car for Families

Buick Regal

Best Upscale Midsize Car for Families

Ford Taurus

Best Affordable Large Car for Families

Volvo S80

Best Luxury Large Car for Families

Honda Fit

Best Hatchback for Families

Toyota Prius

Best Hybrid Car for Families

Hyundai Elantra Touring

Best Wagon for Families

Honda CR-V

Best Affordable Compact SUV for Families

Infiniti EX

Best Luxury Compact SUV for Families

Toyota Venza

Best Midsize SUV with 2 Rows for Families

Toyota Highlander

Best Midsize SUV with 3 Rows for Families

Lexus RX-350

Best Luxury Midsize SUV for Families

Ford Explorer

Best Off-Road SUV for Families

Toyota Sequoia

Best Affordable Large SUV for Families

Lexus LX

Best Luxury Large SUV for Families

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Best Hybrid SUV for Families

Honda Odyssey

Best Minivan for Families