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Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying the New Jeep Grand Cherokee

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying
the Brand New Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has undergone a number of revisions since the release of the original Grand Cherokee in 1992. With each revision, Jeep has refined the Grand Cherokee to be a better vehicle, improving it in a number of ways. The latest version of the Grand Cherokee sees Jeep refining the car further, with hundreds of tweaks and changes being made to help improve it. This article will provide a number of reasons why you should consider buying the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

From the outside, the new Grand Cherokee looks sleek and refined. While the older Grand Cherokee models looked rugged, the new Grand Cherokee looks more polished and inviting. The quality of interior also matches that of the exterior, with a clean design, liberal use of metallic chrome and wood trim on the doors and dashboard.

Under the bonnet of the new Grand Cherokee lies a 3.6L V6 engine that is capable of driving the Grand Cherokee on the roads, and off them, too. The 290BHP engine is capable of propelling the Grand Cherokee from a stand still to speeds of 60mph in just over 6 seconds, allowing the Grand Cherokee to get away quickly at junctions and traffic lights. The engine is also capable of running for 23 miles per gallon of petrol, ensuring that it is quite economical to run on the roads.

Family Car
The Grand Cherokee is a large car with space for 5 passengers to sit in comfort with ample headroom and leg room and a large boot in the rear. It is also packed full of safety features, including a strong frame, numerous airbags and an early warning collision system. This combination of space and safety makes the Grand Cherokee an ideal car for families.

Jeep has also fitted the brand new Grand Cherokee with a number of impressive mod cons and extras. General equipment like electric windows, air conditioning and audio systems are fitted as standard, but extra features like a multimedia audio and video centre, GPS and in car WIFI hotspot are available as purchasable extras, too.

Value for Money
Finally, one of the defining features that separates the new Grand Cherokee from its rivals is its price. The Grand Cherokee comes in at a lower-than-expected price, but with premium features and performance that make it feel considerably more expensive than the price suggests. There are few, if any, vehicles available that are able to match the value for money offered by the new Grand Cherokee.

With excellent performance, beautiful styling, comfortable and spacious seating, top of class safety features and incredible value for money, the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee deserves to be at the top of the shortlist for every prospective buyer. It is a brilliantly designed and constructed vehicle that is sure to impress.