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Tips for the best time to buy a new car

New Year, New Car?

The New Year means one sure and definite thing: resolutions. Although we each have our own specific set of goals that we strive for, there are classic and popular favourites that always crop up at this time of year, and buying a new car is one of them. It might sound odd when you think how many of us have overspent at Christmas, but many of us start off the year with plans to get ourselves a new set of wheels. However, not many of us are aware that January is in fact one of the best times of year to purchase a new car.

According to This is Money, just as retailers cut their prices and succumb to the hype of sales, so too can car dealerships as the market tends to be slower at this time of year. With the forecourt quiet, and salesmen eager to clinch a deal, you could end up saving yourself a fortune in the long run by braving the January blues and getting your new car now. If you're still feeling a little doubtful, Parkers reinforce this idea, and also help you to find the perfect days during the month to bag yourself the best bargain possible.

According to their extensive list of tips, they suggest that going to the showroom towards the end of the month is a much better way to get yourself an amazing deal, with their logic being that the used car dealers will be so keen to complete a deal that they'll do everything in their power to ensure you drive away with a new car. Furthermore, going during the week is also a good time to get the most of the forecourt salesman as the dealership environment tends to be quieter on a week day, which means you get more focus on you and your needs. Not to mention they'll be keen to hit their weekly sales targets, and therefore more inclined to offer you a wider range of discounts.

Of course, while all these bargains are to be had in January, the good deals due depend on what type of car you want – if you're looking to get yourself a sleek convertible, then winter months are ideal as there's not much call for them. Whereas, if you're looking to get yourself a 4x4 you could be disappointed at the price range as these cars are perfect for harsher conditions, and so their base price tends to stay the same until the warmer summer months draw in.