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ROAD & TRAVEL Auto News: Best Redesigned Vehicle for 2007

2007 Chevy Silverado is honored as
"Best Redesigned Vehicle" of the year

Every year one vehicle is chosen as the best redesign by Kelley Blue Book, the well-known provider of new and used vehicle information. This year, that honor goes to the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, for its unique combination of positive improvements, including significant steps forward in powertrain, chassis, ride and handling, and interior accommodations.

"The 2007 Silverado solidified its case with its notably improved steering, braking, ride comfort, handling and power delivery"

More than 40 vehicles were redesigned for the 2007 model year, according to KBB, each of which was reviewed to identify the vehicle that demonstrated the greatest improvement relative to predecessors and competitors. Factoring into the final decision were judgments on exterior and interior styling, technology, comfort and convenience features, performance/capability, driving dynamics, safety, fuel economy, overall refinement and value. The final major factor was the vehicle's market significance, based on measures that included unit sales volume and visibility as well as brand image.

ROAD & TRAVEL Auto News: 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Best Redesign

"The 2007 Silverado solidified its case for 'Best Redesigned Vehicle' with its notably improved steering, braking, ride comfort, handling and power delivery," said Jack R. Nerad, editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "Combined with the segment's highest available towing capacity and horsepower as well as its best available fuel economy, thanks to its Active Fuel Management, Chevy's newest pickup is poised to make a significant impact in this era of tougher yet more luxurious trucks."

The top 10 finalists in this year's '2007 Best Redesigned Vehicle' award in alphabetical order include: Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Aveo Sedan, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chrysler Sebring, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, Lexus LS 460, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Toyota Camry.

"The field also featured several closely related vehicles like the Silverado and GMC Sierra, and the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon," said Nerad of the 2007 models. "In the case of Silverado versus the Sierra, the Silverado's better historical sales performance was the key differentiator."

Past KBB 'Best Redesigned Vehicle' winners have included the 2004 Ford F-150, 2005 Ford Mustang, and 2006 Honda Civic.   

Vehicles are usually redesigned every five years, although some brands wait longer. When a vehicle is redesigned, the value of the previous generation often declines sharply.

"In the distant past many redesigns were simply cosmetic, performed to spur consumers to buy the latest model-year vehicle without offering much in the way of substantive mechanical change," said Nerad. "Now the best of the redesigns offer both styling and chassis changes plus significant mechanical improvements in performance, fuel economy and safety."

(Source: KBB)