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Auto, Travel and Business News for Women
Road & Travel News & Views Archives

News happens every day in the auto industry, much of which affects your daily commute and mobility. Whether it's new car announcements, or getting one recalled, or gas price inflation, this is where you'll find it. Check in with News & Views every week to keep up with what could make a difference in your life.

bulletCar Buyer's Want Better Fuel but Won't Sacrafice Safety
bulletNew Car Theft Down, Clunker Theft Up
bullet2009 Motorist Choice Awards Show American Size Preference
The EPA's New Fuel Estimates for 2008
2007 Hybrid Costs
Summer Tire Care
Cool Car Syndrome
Hyundai's Green Concept: QarmaQ
How to Recycle Moving Boxes with U-Haul
What Does Your Car Say About You?
Cadillac Wins Best Luxury Brand
The Hottest Cars to Lease This Year
Driving Green, Riding Red Hot
Luxury Concept Car Reveals
Hybrid Tax Credits for 2007
The New 2008 Ford Taurus
Thrifty Cars Tested — Honda Fit, Nissan Versa Rank High
Volvo Introduces "City Safe" Program
Silverado Wins Best Redesign of 2007
Car Colors of the Future
Car Rental Study Rates Top Companies
Best Car Buys for 2007
Detroit's 2007 International Auto Show Round-Up
Parking Lot Predators: Tips for Women
GM's New 100,000 Mile Warranty
Offset Your Car's Carbon Emissions
Safe Cars are Saving Lives
VW's Concept Chameleon Goes Back to the Future
The 30 Greenest Cars, Both Traditional & Hybrid
Best Tailgating Vehicles for Your Buck
Car Technology of the Future
After the Crash: Teens Driving Under the Influence
Michelin Honors Local Heroes
Gals vs. Guys — A Look at Car Care Knowledge
New 2007 Models That Run on E85
Driving Topless — In Your Convertible
Uninsured Drivers Mean You Pay
Most Stolen Cars of the Year
Auto Interior of the Year
Greenest Cars of 2006
Wireless America: Cell Phones & Cars
How Much to Fill Up?
Saving Money & Fuel with MDS
Culture & Cars: Ethnicity Report
Ethanol — Fuel for Thought
Carspace Craze
Insuring a Rental
Hybrids on the Rise
Toxic Cars
Deals on Wheels: Bridgestone Tires

Who Dies When Teens Crash?
Drunk Driving Survey Reveals
Detroit Auto Show 2006
Fuel Efficiency for Females
Cold Weather, Warm Hearts
What Women Want: Eco-Friendly Cars
Performance and Pedicures
Smells and Driving
Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Extreme Heat Testing
Best Luxury Cars to Lease
Auction Guides
Insurance Comparisons for Cars
Top 14 Reasons People Buy Cars
Autiopias — Car Utopia
Top 10 Commuter Car Features
Women in the Drivers Seat
Psychology of Color
Save the Mustangs
Vehicle Safety Technology
KBB's Best Road Trip Vehicles
OnStar Personal Calling Reaches 500M
Increased Demand for Fuel Efficient Technology

KBB's Cool Cars Under $18K
Top 10 Least Expensive Cars & Trucks to Insure
Top 10 Most Expensive Cars & Trucks to Insure
Driving in a Winter Wonderland — SUV Safety
GM Perfect 10
Safety Features Pay Off
Car Buyers Give Dealers High Marks
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