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2006 ICOTY Awards
Welcome to RTM's 2006 ~ International Car of the Year Awards. On January 7, 2006, RTM will announce its International Car of the Year (ICOTY) winners for the 2006 model year at an exciting black-tie gala at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Hotel. Vehicles will be honored in 10 categories based on new model entries or existing models with significant change in design or technology. Winners will be selected by ICOTY's Awards Board, a group of 12 nationally renowned auto journalists whose expertise are highly respected by automakers throughout the industry. [What are the ICOTY Awards?]

J.D. Power and Associates tabulates ICOTY votes, adding further credibility and validation to the significance of awards based on the emotionally compelling reasons consumers experience during car buying and ownership. Sponsor support clearly reflects the importance lifestyle has in the marketplace. Please support our sponsors listed below! Thank you and enjoy! Winners to be announced on January 8, 2006.



Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor CompanyLincolnMercuryVolvo USAMazda USAJaguarAston MartinLand Rover

General Motors


OnStar by GM

Uhaul International
Winners for 2006 International Car of the Year Awards
Nominees Named for 2006 International Car of the Year Awards
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