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2007 ICOTY Awards VIPs


Terri Lynn Land Secretary of State
State of Michigan


Jim Ellison Royal Oak Mayor

Brenda Lawrence Southfield Mayor

Tom McAlear, CEO E- Companies

Barry Meguiar, President & CEO Meguiar's, Inc.

Irma Elder, President & CEO • Elder Automotive Group

Jim Selwa, President • Maserati North America

Bill Rains, President • U-Haul Company of Central Michigan

Mike Kosmowski, President • Novi Manufacturing Company

Bill Bosley, VP & General Manager • Nissan Division

Brian Colianni, Senior VP Marketing & Sales • Mazda NA Operations

Marti Eulberg, Executive VP Marketing & Sales Jaguar NA

Irv Miller, VP Corporate Communications • Toyota Motor Sales USA

John Schwegman, Director of Truck Marketing
• Chevrolet Motor Division

Janet Keller, GMC Yukon Marketing Manager • GMC


Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman General Motors Corporation

J Mays, Group VP Design
Ford Motor Company

Geoff Day, Director Communications
Mercedes-Benz USA

Past Event VIP Attendance

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