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2008 Earth Angel Award



1. Name 3 or more environmental initiatives your company sponsored in 2007.

Smart: official partner of Life Earth Concerts; World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF); Peace Parks Foundation; H2 Roma –Sustainable Mobility ; Global Nature Fund; Cooperation with UNEP; European Nature Heritage Fund-Euronatur, German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU)

2. Name 3 or more environmental initiatives your company will support in 2008.

UNEP; WWF; Euronatur

3. Name any awards your company has received for environmental progress in the past year.

  • Environmental Certificate for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate
  • Environmental Certificate and ÖkoGlobe for the smart fortwo electric drive (ed) and the smart fortwo cdi
  • “Award of Excellence“ for the „360 DEGREE – Sustainability Report 2006 from DaimlerChrysler E 320 BLUETEC World Green Car of the Year 2007
  • Environmental Certificate for DaimlerChrysler from the German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles for “reusability and cability of recycling”
  • “Car Environment Certificate” for Mercedes-Benz A 160 CDI and the B 200 CDI from the environmental institute Öko-Trend
  • Award for Excellence in Industrial Wastewater Treatment from the Alabama Water Environment Association (AWEA) for MBUSI
  • Environmental Certificate for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan
  • ADAC innovation award for the world’s cleanest diesel BLUETEC
  • “ARBÖ-Environment Award” for the Mercedes-Benz Diesel Technology BLUETEC
  • Environmental Certificate for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    4. Name all vehicles that your company currently has in production that are hybrid, diesel, solar powered, flex-fuel, natural gas, ethanol, or any other alternative fuels.

    • Mercedes-Benz E 320 BLUETEC, Orion Busses Hybrid, Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Hybrid, Mercedes-Benz C-Class 300 flex fuel, A-Class F-Cell
    • Further vehicles: please see attachment “list_vehicles_and_technologies”

    5. Name all environmental organizations your company supports.

    • B.A.U.M. – Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management e.V.; Clean Energy Partnership; Global Nature Fund; Econsense – Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business; European Fuel Cell Group; European Natural Gas Vehicle Association; World Fuel Cell Council e.V.; Alliance for Synthetic Fuels (ASFE); UNEP Mobility Forum – Initiative for Sustainable Mobility; World Wildlife Fund WWF Deutschland; Environmental Defense; Health Effects Institute; Resources for the Future; American Council on Renewable Energy; German Chinese Sustainable Fuel Partnership (GCSFP)

    6. In 100 words or less, what is your company position and mission on global warming?  

    Climate protection is an issue which affects all of us. DaimlerChrysler is aware of its responsibility and follows a holistic approach which comprises the whole vehicle lifecycle: production, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly recycling. Reducing fuel consumption of our vehicles, and thus also CO2 emissions, is the primary focus of our research and development activities. Since 1990, we have reduced both the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions of our passenger car fleet in Germany by 30 percent. Last year alone our environmental expenditures exceeded €1.7 billion. DaimlerChrysler’s road map for sustainable mobility has three main components: the consistent further optimization of combustion engines with hybrid option, high quality and alternative fuels, fuel cells as long-term goal for emission-free driving.