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2009 Earth Angel Award


1. Name 3 or more environmental initiatives your company supported/sponsored in 2008 and three more they plan to support in the near future.

In Germany, we sponsor projects of NABU, the German chapter of Birdlife International. With 420,000 members, Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU - German Society for Nature Conservation) is the largest environmental and nature conservation organisation in Germany. NABU and Volkswagen have cooperated closely since 1999. One example is the joint fuel-saving training campaign (“Change over – just save fuel”).

Another joint project is the “Welcome, Wolf” campaign, in which NABU and Volkswagen are joined by the City of Wolfsburg and the VfL Wolfsburg football team (known in Germany as “The Wolves”). Aiming to provide information in support of the “independent” return of wolves to Germany. Volkswagen and NABU are determined to combat popular prejudice against wolves and to improve their living conditions by training volunteer “wolf scouts” and engaging in public relations work at the regional and national level.

Bridge and stepping stone for threatened species: One current example is our joint project with the City of Wolfsburg for the restoration of the Aller Valley. The aim is to link the Barnbruch and Drömling nature reserves, which are situated to the west and east of our plant. This will create 100 ha of floodplain biotopes and habitats for numerous rare plant and animal species right on the Volkswagen plant's doorstep. This project is special in that it combines numerous individual measures which together result in a composite biotope where many natural, frequently threatened species will be able to resettle because they can find suitable conditions there. Land consolidation and drainage work have made such biotopes rare in modern Germany. In the light of this fact, this restoration is particularly valuable in environmental terms.

Our cooperation with NABU is planned to continue in the future.
A small scale cooperation with BUND, the German Chapter of Friends of the Earth, has existed for many years. Volkswagen is planning to enlarge this cooperation, with a focus on sponsoring a project that aims to protect.

2. Name 3 media outlets through which your company promoted environmental awareness in 2008 to consumers. These can include print, online or broadcast.

The website of the Volkswagen Group contains a broad range of information concerning environmental issues

The German website of the Volkswagen brand that is directed at our customers also has environmental information aimed at raising environmental awareness

3. Cite the progress your company has made with in-production eco-friendly, alternative energy vehicles i.e.: hybrid, diesel, solar powered, flex-fuel, natural gas, electric, ethanol, or other.

TDI, TSI, Natural Gas, flex fuel (Brasil)…….

4. Name 3 environmental organizations with which your company has partnerships and why.

Volkswagen has partnerships with environmental organisations in many of the countries where we operate.

In Germany, we sponsor NABU (birdlife International) and BUND (Friends of the Earth), see question one. Both institutions are NGOs who run a broad range of projects aimed at protecting the environment. They are also very open to dialogue with business which allows us to find solutions for pressing problems together.

In China, Volkswagen is a partner in the “Green School Programme” run by the Ministry for the Environment.

5. What progress has your company made in reducing global warming?

Volkswagen focuses on two areas to reduce global warming:

Products: We work to reduce the fuel consumption of our cars. At the same time, we work with numerous stakeholders to develop cars that can run on alternative fuels, especially fuels made of leftover biomass (straw, wood chips etc.).

Production: In all our factories, we conduct audits and training courses to raise awareness and reduce energy consumtion. There is a central working group that takes part in planning processes to ensure that new facilities implement the most up to date technology and that energy saving measures are implemented when existing facilities are overhauled.