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ICOTY Awards Production Credits

International Car of the Year Awards Production Credits
1998 - 2013

Executive Producer & Host
Courtney Caldwell

CAP Staging — Gary Phelps
Lighting, Audio, Staging, Production Management

Production Assistants
Shannon Caldwell
Nanette Mohammed
Patrice Ross

Jessica Howell

Rob Roche
Munir Mohammed
Ronnie Sarbonowski

Video & Television Production
CBS — Detroit

Toby Cunningham — Executive Producer

Kevin Smith, David E. Davis, Jr.
Denise McCluggage, John McElroy

On Cue Teleprompters

Courtney Caldwell, Marta Hindes, Shannon Caldwell

Public Relations/Publicity
Liebler!MacDonald Communications

The Jerry Ross Band

Gerych Flowers

Host Hotel & Venue
MGM Grand Detroit

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