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What are the International Car of the Year Awards?

What are the International Car of the Year Awards?

Presented during private ceremonies around the U.S. throughout each year, the ICOTY Awards honor new model year vehicles in four different categories. Nominees include vehicles that are manufactured by American, British, German, Japanese, Korean and Swedish automakers but are sold in America. ICOTY categories include:

Car of the Year
Truck/Utility of the Year
Family Vehicle of the Year


Past Awards

Luxury Car of the Year - Most Respected

SUV of the Year - Most Resourceful

Sedan of the Year - Most Dependable

Sports Car of the Year - Most Sex Appeal

Minivan of the Year - Most Compatible

Crossover of the Year - Most Versatile

Pickup Truck of the Year - Most Athletic

Compact Car of the Year - Most Spirited

Launched in 1997 at the North American International Auto Show, the ICOTY Awards became the first auto awards to honor new vehicles based on the emotional connection between car and consumer. Today, the ICOTY Awards have evolved and are based on lifestyle compatibility and how well automakers achieve that goal.

"The ICOTY Awards are not about power and performance, but rather about personality, passion and lifestyle priorities," said ICOTY Executive Producer Courtney Caldwell.

In order to achieve a balanced perspective that reflects all consumers, ICOTY engages a diverse group of automotive journalists and editors in the voting process.

Criteria — Each car must be a brand new model entry, or if an existing model, have significant changes in design and/or technology for the new model year. Attributes considered during the voting process are based on lifestyle compatibility and how well automakers achieve that goal.

ICOTY Awards have been used by winning automakers in newspaper and magazine ads, outdoor billboards, dealerships, digital promotions, and international television commercials. The awards have also received mention in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, People, Forbes, US News, Home and Garden, Newsweek, MSN Autos, and on GMA and The Early Show.

Other awards presented during the ICOTY show include a Lifetime Legend Award presented to a veteran automotive journalist; and introduced in 2008, the EARTH ANGEL Award honoring the most environmentally friendly automaker of the year, an industry first. General Motors became the first recipient of the inaugural award; American Honda won 2009.

• • • • •

Earth, Wind & Power Awards

Earth, Wind & Power
Most Earth Aware
& Truck of the Year

• • • • •

The mission of the Earth, Wind & Power Awards is to recognize vehicles that are driven by a power source that help reduce global warming, are conducive to promoting a cleaner environment and support the mission to achieve energy independence through alternative sources.

For ICOTY Sponsorship Kit, Receive Press Releases or Media Invitation for Upcoming ICOTY Awards, please click here.