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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes - Men vs Women in the Workplace

The workplace has certainly come a long way since "Rosie The Riveter" was the poster woman for career women.

However, an international Pendaflex study [1] suggests that the glass ceiling still exists. Despite the considerable gains made by working women during the last few decades, the more than 68 million women in the American workforce [2] still haven't caught up to the titles (and pay!) of their male peers — a fact that's mirrored in offices around the world.

Pendaflex, a leading global office supplies brand, uncovered some surprisingly universal facts about men, women and their careers:

It's a Man's World
Job titles are clearly divided between gender lines. Nearly half (45 percent) of men hold management titles, as opposed to 27 percent of women. Additionally, more than four in 10 women are responsible for administrative or clerical duties, while only one-fifth of men have the same responsibilities.

Workin' Hard For The Money
Job attitudes between the sexes are strikingly similar. More than half of women (52 percent) and men (51 percent) believe their job has become increasingly harder.

Men and women share more than an ambitious work philosophy. Both report having a hard time leaving their job at the office — more than 50 percent of each gender find it increasingly difficult to separate their career from their personal life.

Leisurely Pursuits
Despite a reported inability to separate work and leisure time, nearly three in five workers (57 percent) are happy with the current balance between work and their social life — but many would appreciate two extra 'free' hours each day. When asked how they'd spend this newfound playtime, a majority of employees would choose quality time with their family.

Nearly one in four women and one-fifth of men would spend the two hours toning their bodies at the gym. Only 14 percent of workers would spend the extra hours socializing in restaurants and bars. Other responses include signing up for evening classes and completing unfinished work.

Lost… But Not Found
Neither gender considers proper organization their forte — three in five men and more than half of women would like to work on their organizational skills. It's no wonder — more than 40 percent of workers admit to frequently losing paperwork!

Pendaflex is one of the world's premier manufacturers of organizational solutions, bringing innovation, efficiency and style to workplace and home settings. Committed to simplifying consumers' lives, Pendaflex produces a broad range of filing and organizational products, as well as provides solutions and resources through and More information about Pendaflex can be found at

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