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Facts on Fast-Growth of Women Business Owners

Women Business OwnersWomen are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the U.S. today with more than 38% owning their own company, employing 28 million people, and contributing $1.6 trillion to the national economy. No wonder they have been recently reported by ABC News as 51.4% of online users!


Fast-growth women entrepreneurs are more likely than fast-growth men entrepreneurs to depend on their business earnings and personal debt for business financing.

Thirty-nine percent of women who own fast-growth firms have a commercial bank loan compared to 52 percent of male owners of fast-growth firms.

Thirty-two percent of women business owners of fast-growth firms use personal credit cards to finance their firms compared to only 21 percent of men who own fast-growth firms.

Women are more likely to own high-tech firms that are also fast-growing - 48 percent of high-tech firms owned by women are fast growth, compared to 28 percent of high-tech male-owned firms.

Women owners of fast-growth firms are less likely to share ownership of their firms with outside investors than their male counterparts - 28 percent of women compared to 49 percent of men share ownership.

(Source: The National Foundation for Women Business Owners)

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