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Poll: Respect is Key to Job Sastisfaction for Women

Women Satisfied in their JobNearly one-half of women polled are staying in jobs that are not satisfying according to a poll released in May 2003 by

“We asked the question about job satisfaction to take a real-time pulse on the condition of the workforce,” said JillXan Donnelly of “Companies are at risk for losing talented employees and the cost for corporations will be significant.”

Over a two-week period, several hundred viewers responded to a poll to determine if lack of job satisfaction is leading more people to seek new career opportunities, and over half are saying yes.

  • 72 percent of women polled responded that they are not inspired by their work due to lack of “fit” with company, 66 percent cited working relationship with co-workers, while 47 percent cited lack of advancement opportunities.

“What we found most interesting in this survey is that women are not primarily inspired by compensation, but by respect, service and challenge,” Donnelly said. “Job seekers are clearly looking for challenging work, and to be fairly compensated, but in an environment where they ‘fit’.”

When asked what inspires women in the workplace, responses were as follows:

Respect………94 percent
Service……….74 percent
Challenge…….71 percent
Money………..66 percent
Recognition……8 percent

For additional women's resources, career strategies, e-interviews and employment opportunities, visit


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