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BusinesswomanForty-two percent of businesswomen traveling on business read up on the destination before arriving (compared to 27 percent of men).

In other interesting statistics, more women than men eat turndown mints in hotel rooms — 53 percent, compared to 46 percent of men. 

More fun business travel facts:

  • 48 percent of women use extra pillows while in a hotel room (39 percent men).
  • 15 percent of women vary their beauty routine while on the road compared to 8 percent of men, with 22 percent of women spending less time and 16 percent wearing more makeup.
  • More women than men stick to one color scheme in clothing while traveling (37 percent to 27 percent).
  • Women are more likely to wear pajamas, a whopping 77 percent compared to 40 percent of men.

-- Statistics courtesy of Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts

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