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Employers and Recruiters Still Expect
Thanks After Interviews

Email Takes New Role as Preferred Vehicle to
Communicate Post Interview

Many of today's job seekers have great resumes, ace interviews, provide stellar recommendations and still don't get the coveted job offer. According to a recent poll with leading employers and recruiters, conducted by The Career Exposure Network™, the reason could lie in the right follow-up.

Eighty-two percent of employers and recruiters told The Career Exposure Network™ that a Thank You note is a critical follow up after the job interview. Hiring managers report that the Thank You note demonstrates that the applicant is serious about the opportunity and indicates a level of professionalism — a primary characteristic that employers seek in job candidates.

The Career Exposure Network™, a well-known suite of niche sites, includes, and By focusing on specific niche categories, The Career Exposure Network™ provides employers and recruiters the most effective means to connect with the qualified targeted candidates they seek.

"Your Thank You letter provides a tremendous opportunity to summarize the interview and tell me again how you can contribute," commented an employer. "I always expect to see a note — it shows courtesy and demonstrates that you are interested." Eighty-one percent of employers and recruiters also told The Career Exposure Network that email is their preferred method of receiving a follow up. According to a recruiter, "I prefer email because it arrives much faster than regular mail, and it can be in the hands of decision makers BEFORE a final selection decision is made."

"The rules around saying thank you after a job interview have remained the same," said JillXan Donnelly, president of The Career Exposure Network™. "Even in today's fast-paced business environment, a Thank You letter is essential. Remember, common courtesies matter and can provide you the edge in your job search."

The Career Exposure Network™ is a women-owned e-Recruiting network of premier niche sites that has been helping Fortune 1000 employers find top quality Women, Diversity & MBA candidates since 1996. Sites include:,, and Providing state-of-the-art management tools and up-to-date information for recruiters and job seekers, The Career Exposure Network™ optimizes the employment process to match successful top employers with the best targeted candidates.


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