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Women: Not an Afterthought in the Aftermarket
The future is clear: everyone agrees that women are fueling major change in the automotive aftermarket. Hiring practices, consumer demographics and customer service are all reflecting the influence of female consumers. It makes good business sense to embrace this trend, and reap the benefits.

Women: Not an Afterthought in the Aftermarket25 percent of women responsible for maintaining their vehicles tackle light jobs like changing wipers and batteries, and checking and refilling fluids.

  • Women make up 65 percent of the customer base for service centers. Unfortunately, 80 percent of these customers are not satisfied with the service and repairs they receive, and 89 percent feel they are treated differently because of their gender.

  • Two-thirds of the women who patronize aftermarket businesses are college-educated, and 15 percent of these women hold postgraduate degrees.

  • Trust is by far the most important factor to the female service consumer, and convenience is secondary.


© 2001, Aftermarket Insider, Vol. 9. -- Text by Leslie Toussaint

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