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Toughening Up Your Truck Bed
How to Keep Your Truck Bed in Tip Top Condition

Trucks are tough, but are they tough enough?

Anyone who owns a truck knows just how painful it is to see those first scratches in the truck bed. Even if they intended their truck to be used for hauling things, the goal is to keep it in great condition for as long as possible.

Truck Bed Liners

Your truck’s bed is truly put to the test with normal everyday use. For example, the loading up of boating and camping equipment, or getting the bikes, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) onboard to head out for a weekend adventure, the abuse to a truck bed can be significant. And what about those home improvement projects that require you to toss in lumber, tools, landscape rocks and other heavy, odd-shaped objects?

Most people don’t give any thought to all the harsh things they toss in their truck bed, at least until the weather goes from bad to worse and rust and corrosion begins to rear its ugly head. This problem can be solved in a matter of a couple of hours, saving you from headaches and money down the road by simply installing a spray-on truck bedliner.

A spray-on truck bedliner is an option that offers unmatched protection without the risk of gouging sheet metal or corrosion between the plastic drop-in liner and the truck bed.

According to Rick Christopher with LINE-X, one of the nation's leading suppliers of spray-on truck bedliners, an application such as the type they develop and install through a national franchise network, is a specially formulated polymer that creates a permanent bond to the truck bed floor, side walls and inner tailgate. The non-skid coating adheres instantaneously and offers protection against the dings, pings and scratches of weekend outings or everyday use.

It’s important to protect the bed of a truck because a new vehicle trails only behind the purchase of a home in terms of being the most expensive investment a buyer will make. Taking such measures will help protect the value of that investment. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, a sprayon truck bedliner will increase the vehicle’s resale value by $250.


The drop-in style can shift around and scratch the paint beneath it. Debris such as leaves, rocks, sand, as well as water, can also get trapped underneath the liner, which can make scuffing and corrosion even worse. And we have all seen the occasional drop-in plastic bed liner crumpled up against the freeway retaining wall that a rogue gust of wind had picked up, high into the air, and provided some hang time in front of oncoming traffic like a maple leaf dancing in the wind.

"Spray-on truck bedliners are a great choice", says Christopher, "as they bridge the gap between rugged and handsome. They conform to the contours of the truck bed, leaving maximum space for hauling. The shock-absorbing properties of the product can even dampen noise from vibration for a better ride."

Spray-on liners also create a permanent bond to the truck bed surface to provide a watertight seal against rust and corrosion. It’s also important to make sure the spray-on truck bedliner you select has a warranty and is resistant to common chemicals, including pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents and fertilizers.

The same product used to spray a truck’s bed can also be used as an undercoating to protect the vehicle from road debris; and applied to the grill and hood to protect the finish and give the truck a custom look.

You can learn more about the advantages and additional uses for spray-on truck bedliners by visiting

(Source: Car Care Aware)