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Fixing Damaged and Cracked Windshields

Car Windshield Repair is Crucial for Safety

When consumers commonly think of safety features in a new vehicle or truck, safety belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes may quickly come to mind. However, a relatively unknown fact is that a vehicle’s windshield plays a pivotal role in overall auto safety. 

"Driving with a damaged windshield can compromise the structural integrity of a vehicle during a roll-over."

Windshields not only support the roof of your vehicle, says AAA, they also protect motorists from head-on collision ejections, roll-overs and vehicle crashes when combined with the use of a safety belt.

“Driving with a damaged or cracked windshield can hinder a motorist’s visibility and also compromise the structural integrity of the automobile during a roll-over incident,” said John Nielsen, Director of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair program.

Reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest over 40,000 Americans are killed and more than 5 million injured every year in highway crashes. Thirty percent of the passenger vehicle occupant fatalities stem from an occupant being ejected or injured in a roll-over. “This suggests windshield integrity may be a crucial factor in crash survivability,” AAA said.

All motorists with cracked or damaged windshields should immediately seek the advice of an auto glass technician that is certified by the National Glass Association (NGA), advises AAA.

You can find the NGA certified technician nearest you by visiting or and inserting your Zip Code in the certified technician locator service.

Says Leo Cyr, vice president of the National Glass Association, “Many people just don’t realize that their car’s windshield contributes to the vehicle’s structural integrity by supporting the roof during a roll-over.”

Additional information on windshield safety and proper installation can be found on the Coalition for Auto Glass Safety and Public Awareness (CASPA) web site at

(Source: AAA)