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Road & Travel Magazine's Editorial Calendar

Road & Travel Magazine's
2022 Editorial Calendar

PLEASE NOTE NEWS AND UPCOMING UPDATES: In 2017, RTM added an RV & Camping Channel to its line-up. Info can be found in the RV & Camping link in both its Automotive and Travel Channel Nav links on every page of RTM.

Although RTM has been covering climate issues since 2008, even presenting the first earth-friendly auto award in 2008; in 2018, RTM added an independent Climate Change Channel to its navigation. The environment is affected by the cars we drive and places to which we travel by land, air and sea so environmental issues are paramount to RTM. Our Climate Channel not only addresses global waming issues, it also provides multiple videos by reputable investigative scientific sources that research the topic for a living.

Due to Covid and quarantine in 2020 and 2021, RTM has used, and is using, the time to do a complete site overhaul and redesign. Because RTM is 33 years old, one of the first print magazines to transition to an online publication in 2000 with more than 7000 pages of content, it is a major time-consuming project. As such, effective 2020, RTM became a quarterly publication to allow the time necessary for the redesign, which will continue into spring 2022. Also in 2020, RTM completely redesigned its home-page with a new look, and multiple additions of new and diverse content relative to auto, travel, RVing, climate change, and related news from partner publications.

Looking forward: RTM will be adding two new channels in mid to late 2022, early 2023. One will cover tech toys and electronics; the other will review street legal carts known as low speed vehicles (LSVs). This market has exploded in recent years, especially among families and older drivers who use carts for local errands and shuffling to and from events. LSVs are legal to drive on U.S. roads with speed limits under 35MPH. Most carts are electric, which complement our environment, especially for local drives. LSVs are offered as 2 seater's, 4 seater's and six seater's with options such as heat and A/C, sound system, lights and tilt steering wheels, enclosed cabins (as an option), multiple choice street tires, and customized bucket seating. These are not to be confused with off-road vehicles. We're very excited about entering and adding this unique market to Road & Travel Magazine.

Please contact us regarding your story ideas, articles, related press release content, advertising or sponsorships for any of its current or future categories. We are currently seeking byline-only writers and Dreamweaver 21 designers. Please be patient regarding replies. We get hundreds of requests each month, which can take up to a month to answer. Also, if you are a writer with requests, ideas or questions, please visit our Editorial Guidelines section to follow our protocol for reaching out. Our team responds more quickly to those who follow our guidelines.

Please note: RTM has a 3-month lead time for all articles. Please review our writer's guidelines before submission. Please note that we may add, change or delete content as seasons and global circumstances change and require. Below is simply a framework for each upcoming season. Contact Us


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  • Hotel vs. Motel - Safety?
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  • How to Reduce Global Warming


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  • Adventure Travel
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  • First Street Legal Cart Review
  • RVing & Camping Guide


  • Car Care Month Tips
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  • Guide to Ghost Towns
  • Fall Foliage Destinations
  • Winter Vacations Ideas
  • New Tech Toys
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