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Courtney Caldwell - Automotive and Travel Spokesperson
Courtney Caldwell
Event Production Demo DVDs

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2010 EWP Awards On Stage

As an event producer and media spokesperson, Caldwell has created, produced and hosted numerous events spanning her 25 year career. Below are links to several DVD demos with clips from those productions to demonstrate the quality of her work. Working in conjunction with, Caldwell has produced some of the most recognized events in the automotive industry.

Photo: Caldwell as event host and MC at Annual Earth, Wind & Power Awards Los Angeles, sponsored by Bridgestone.

Average lenth of each demo - 3:30

Earth, Wind & Power Awards
Most Earth Friendly Car & Truck of the Year

International Car of the Year Awards
Most Emotionally Compelling Car & Truck of the Year

Lifetime Legend Award
Honoring Veteran Automotive Journalists

Heart String Award
Most Emotionally Compelling Car Commercial

Press play to view Caldwell TV demo

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