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What is Caldwell Communications, Inc.?

Caldwell Communications, Inc., an 18-year old multimedia company, which targets upscale consumers with a slant towards women. RTM provides a several media venues and resources with a focus on automotive, travel and personal safety. A Michigan corporation, CCI is owned by Courtney Caldwell.

Who is Courtney Caldwell?
Courtney Caldwell is the founder of CCI. She is also the publisher/editor-in-chief of ROAD & TRAVEL magazine. An avid auto and travel enthusiast determined to give a voice to the women’s market, Caldwell combined her spirit of adventure with her desire to make a difference to create the first national magazine for women to specialize in auto, travel and safety-related issues.

What are the CCI multimedia venues?
Venues include the RTM magazine, the International Car of the Year Awards, and Caldwell as a spokesperson for a variety of companies each year.

What is ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine?
RTM is an online magazine and resource that specializes in content from which women can make informed and intelligent decisions regarding their automotive, travel and personal safety needs. It is also supported by a biweekly newsletter.

What are the International Car of the Year Awards?
RTM’s ICOTY Awards show is an annual event held at the Detroit Marriott Hotel on the eve of press week for the North American International Auto Show. The RTM awards, launched in 1997, is an Academy-style awards show and press conference which attracts hundreds of industry leaders, political officials, and community business owners.

Where can I get ICOTY sponsorship information?
The awards are open to sponsorship from those companies and businesses who want to reach the women's market, and/or support one of the most exciting events in the industry.

What is RTM's Mission?

As a leading authority for the women's automotive and travel markets, it is RTM's Mission to provide resources to both industries, and their female consumers, thereby enhancing industry commitments to the women's market through event marketing, editorial content, products and services.

Who writes for RTM?
RTM has an international stable of many gifted writers from both the travel and automotive pool of journalists. Meet The Press

Where are your writer's guidelines?
RTM welcomes your completed manuscripts and article submissions for review. Please read our Writer's Guidelines before submitting articles -- and let us know that you accept our WG and payment policy before submitting.

Do you have an editorial calendar?
Yes, RTM produces a new editorial calendar every year. It is posted on our site and is included in our navigation bar on every page. 2007 Calendar.

Do you do satellite tours for other companies?
Yes, we do. Courtney Caldwell is available to represent your product or service on television or radio. Caldwell's area of expertise are automotive, travel and safety issues especially related to the women's market. Satellite Tours.

Do you have an online advertising Media Kit?

Yes we do. RTM accepts advertising and sponsorships. RTM provides a full media kit with detailed information about all our venues. Media Kit

Do you offer marketing services?

Yes, we do. Backed by 20 years of experience, RTM offers its marketing and public relations services to those companies that wish to reach the women's travel or automotive markets with their own venues, or who wish to join RTM on one of theirs. Check out Marketing for more information.

Do you offer speaking engagements?

Yes, we do. Courtney Caldwell has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in speaking before live audiences, on television or radio, and with satellite tours. Visit spokesperson.

Do you have a press kit?

Yes, we do. Caldwell Communications, Inc/RTM Press Kit.  This link will take you to CCI/RTM founder Courtney Caldwell's press kit.

How do I reach the right person to get more info?

Road &Travel Magazine
811 N. Main Street, Suite 105, Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone: 248.546.4646 • Fax: 248.546.6550

Phone: 248.561.5660 • Fax: 248.546.6550

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