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Female Buyer Study
Women's Automotive Market

  • Women purchase more than 52% of all new vehicles; an $83 billion market.
  • Women influence more than 85% of all automotive sales in U.S. households.
  • Women spend $300 billion annually on used car sales, maintenance, repairs and service.

  • Female buyers are the fastest growing segment of new and used car buyers today.

  • Female buyers spend slightly more time in the purchasing process than men (17 wks. vs. 15 wks.)

  • Female buyers seek more advice from automotive authority websites (62%) before buying a new car.

  • Nearly all female car buyers (97%) plan on being the principal driver of a new vehicle.

  • Median age 41 / College 78% / Median HH Income $66,000

  • Female buyers will shop an average of three dealerships for best price and best treatment.

  • Female buyers purchase lower priced cars and are more likely to finance their purchase (65%).

  • As of 2004, more than 68% of all women use the Internet to research product information and resources online compared to only one-third of female buyers reading print auto magazines.

  • Female buyers prefer to read automotive magazines that address their needs, issues and priorities when buying.

  • Female buyers prefer articles on how to's, basics in buying, leasing, maintenance and repairs, with safety as their number one concern and number one priority when buying.

  • Female buyers place more importance on safety, dependability, functionality and economic factors. Style and performance ranked last in consideration and factors in if budget allows.
  • The number one complaint women have with dealerships is how they're treated as customers. Online anonymity is the preferred method of new car research until it's time to test drive.

This female buyer study update was performed online by RTM in Decmeber 2004. Additional statistics have been gleaned from J.D. Power and Associates, RL Polk, Kelly Blue Book, OnStar, and auto industry trades. RTM Demographics. Women's Trends.

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