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ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine Hits Million
a Month Club with Impressions

DETROIT, MI - August 10th, 2005 - ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine (RTM) announced today a major milestone of reaching 1.1 million page views for the month of July, the first time it hit a million impressions in one month. This puts projected impressions for calendar year 2005 at 12 million, with increases expected to reach 25 million in 2006, and 40 million in 2007. Unique visitors topped 325,000 for July and continues to climb steadily, with 2005 projections near 4 million.

Compared to 2004, RTM has shown 150% growth in page views in just one year. Contributing to its rapid growth includes aggressive search engine marketing, as well as dropping American Woman from its title a year ago. Since then, RTM has increased its readership worldwide with women, as well as with male readers. "Our goal was to be more global since Internet is accessible worldwide, with a secondary mission of being available to all consumers, not only women," says Courtney Caldwell, RTMs editor-in-chief. It appears the strategy is working as demonstrated from RTMs growth.

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine is a comprehensive online magazine, providing content and resources from which the average consumer can make informed and intelligent decisions when in-market for automotive purchases, travel plans or safety topics.

Established in 1989, RTM was the first magazine to target women consumers with automotive content. Converted from print to online in 2000, RTM is not only the first, but has become the largest and most comprehensive magazine, either online or in print, to reach women consumers with content of this nature. At that time, RTM added travel content, "which has been a huge hit with our audience,'' adds Caldwell.

"While our goal has been to reach all consumers, we've never lost sight of our main demographic audience; women," says Caldwell. Our female audience still remains strong at 70%, but we also realized that not every guy is an enthusiast. Most men simply want straight-forward information on car buying or trip planning, just as most women do. RTM serves as a basic resource for the average consumer to meet their automotive and travel needs.

Contact: Michelle Sodee (248) 546.4646

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