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David E. Davis, Jr. Joins Jury
for International Car of the Year Awards

David E. Davis, Jr.

DETROIT, June 16, 2006 - The International Car of the Year Awards board (ICOTY) today announced the addition of a new judge to its jury; a group of 12 respected automotive journalists from a variety of publications and broadcast.

Called "the dean of automotive journalists" by none other than Time Magazine, and recognized for his unique writing skills, his obsession with all things automotive, his love of magazine editing and his bon vivant if not flamboyant lifestyle, David E. Davis has for nearly six decades been an automotive journalist to be reckoned with by carmakers and to be read and cultishly followed by car enthusiasts around the globe.

From his days at Road & Track to his copywriting days on Corvette at Campbell-Ewald advertising to his reinvention of Car and Driver and his founding of Automobile magazine, David has entertained and educated literally millions of readers with his insights and observations about cars and the people who build and drive them, his criticisms and praise, and his tales of the good and sometimes not-so-good life that goes with it all.

A master storyteller and a friend to every important automotive executive and race car driver of the past several decades - and a mentor to many of them - David E. is a driver's driver.

Today, David E. is the editor-in-chief of Winding Road Magazine, an online publication dedicated to all things automotive.

"We are honored to have David E. Davis, Jr. as one of our prominent and distinguished ICOTY judges," says event producer Courtney Caldwell. "He is not only unique in his approach to life and cars, he also brings character and charisma to our awards board."

A jury of 12 nationally-renowned automotive journalists will select ten vehicles for the new model year in ten separate categories, with ballots tabulated by J.D. Power and Associates.

"The ICOTY awards focus on the emotional connection between car and consumer; how they reflect our lifestyles and ownership experience, an attitude with which the average consumer can identify," says RTM Editor-In-Chief Courtney Caldwell.

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