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2005 Side Airbag Safety Listing

Side Airbag Safety Listings

SABs offer protection to two principal areas of the body -- the head and the chest -- during moderate to severe side-impact crashes. has a full list of which vehicles offer what type of protection (head and/or chest) and the type of Side-impact air bag used to provide that protection.

"Curtains" and "tubulars" are specifically designed to protect the head during a side-impact crash and keep the head and upper body inside the vehicle.

SABs providing chest protection (or "torso" bags) can deploy from either the seatback or the door. Some SABs (called "combination" air bags or "combos") typically deploy from the seatback. They extend upward and provide protection to both the chest and the head.

To view the complete list of 2004 & 2005 vehicles equipped with side-impact air bags, visit:


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