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This is where you'll find comments from our readers -- what they love, what they dislike and what they want to see next! What do you think? Don't be shy, click here to send us an e-mail!

Rick Schulte, MI, RTM Reader

I just wanted to let you know this is a very thorough and interesting read. I look forward to getting it in my inbox! Keep up the great work... This is very good stuff! It comes through very clearly that the writers know their stuff and enjoy what they do. 

Consider this a compliment from a happy reader and writer.

Autumn Whitten, AL, RTM Reader

My 1994 Nissan Sentra was totaled in March 2005. I have been looking for a car, of course, since then. I have done a lot of looking and home work, but I was looking at too much car for myself.

I was getting very discouraged, but I read a couple articles on your site and it really made me feel better about sticking to my guns about the cars I turned down. Your consumer report was awesome. I can’t believe that Volvo was so poorly reported. I always thought they were great cars. I am looking to buy A Honda CRV. I wasn’t sure about it either, since I am a Nissan fan, but once again your consumer report has convinced me it is the right way to go. I do LOVE the CRV's. They really are perfect for my family and me. Although we only have one child who is only 3, we like to travel and last year we took the Sentra to Florida. The trip was nice and cool, but the space was horrible. I am looking forward to a bigger car for things like that.

Thank you again for providing such info. It has been a great help.

Joyce Brown, VA, RTM Reader

RE: How to keep car interiors looking like new

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for this info. I found this on the web under askjeeves. It was the exact info that I needed perfect in definition.

I couldn't find this info anywhere else not even from persons that work in auto stores could help me. I look forward to using some of the techniques given for at home care for better, cleaner carpets in my car. So again thank you so very much. God Bless.

Cappy Tosetti, Feature Writer, Draft Horse Journal

"Just a note to say thank you for all the terrific articles you provide for your readers. Hats off to all of you. It's refreshing to be able to read such pertinent information that both informs and inspires. Thanks so much!"

Elaine Dillon, NJ, RTM Reader

"Your statistics about female driver highway deaths hit a nerve, as my daughter is an emergency room nurse at a hospital near a major highway here. She sees many seriuous injuries and deaths of women drivers who are petite and do not sit properly behind the steering wheel. More education needs to be out there about adjusting the steering wheel, seat, seatbelts, etc. before driving a motor vehicle. Too often we are busy with the a/c, radio, kiddies, etc. and forget that we may be setting ourselves up for injury because we're not paying attention to positioning our body for a possible serious impact."


Georgia, RTM Reader

"I read the entire article (about Mobile, Ala.)and you have just been nominated as an honorary Southerner. Thank you for using ALL of your senses while visiting us. At some point in your article, you became almost poetic. The descriptions were well written and with feeling. I am sure that anyone who reads your article will be able to tell you enjoyed your stay. The touch of humor was just right!

My hat is off to you. And girl...that would be a wide brim hat too."

Maggie Wilson, RTM Reader

"Read your article on the Chicago Fitzpatrick Hotel a while back, and based on your review I stayed there for three nights. You were absolutely right - amazing hotel."

Mary, RTM Reader

"'[Pensacola: Drifting Away On a Gentle Breeze'] was very helpful. Thanks. We're even staying at the Clarion !!

Cathie Allen

"Finally! I am so excited to find this website!!! Just wish I
could subscribe to an American Women Road & Travel magazine (one that would
come in my mailbox) Think about it!!!!"

Lady Z,

"Let me say that your vote in making the [Nissan 350Z] the sexiest car in 2003 is the talk of the Zchickz at Women who drive Nissan Z cars! We all
agree with you! 0-60 in what???"

Shelly Price, Owner, Diva's Auto Connection and Diva's Too, Reno, Nevada

"First I'd like to say that I have enjoyed your website enormously. I use it often as a resource for research about women in the automotive industry.

The article I read, 'Women: Their own worst enemies', was very uplifting and it empowered me to dust myself off and get back in the game. I am determined to work harder and faster, in spite of all that has happened. I know that I am a good person who deserves whatever success I build for myself ( and I have no doubt I will build it). Thanks for the incredible article, which gave me incredible strength to start over again living my dream. I shall from this day forward hold you personally responsible for giving me back my God given 'bull dog tenacity'.

Thank you for the inspiration, keep doing what you're doing, it works."

Gail Fernandez, RTM Reader

"Best, most useful, helpful and practical article ever written on
[luggage], period!"

Steph Romig, Painesville, OH

"This is in response to your article 'Traveling freely comes at a price' that appeared in my morning newspaper: Bravo! I couldn't agree with you more. Seems so many people are taking our freedoms for granted. It kind of makes me upset that they don't stop to think like we do. Thank you so much for the article."

Jack Markey, Canaan, CT


Last week I was returning from holiday in the Caribbean and had to switch planes in Miami. Waiting at the gate with a number of people heading back to Hartford, CT, one gentleman across from me on his cell phone loudly speaking, noticed four pretty college girls cominig his way. He changed his subject quickly to: "So, how's my Corvette?". (I'm sure it's been under its cover since October and is fine).

Another gent a few seats away is frantically calling one person after another to notify them that he is at Miami International and "just got bumped up to first class". The frequency of his calls told me that besides myself, no one else really could care less about his upcoming thrill of 1st class air travel.

Sunday morning I read your column and almost fell of my chair with laughter. Thank you, and, once again, Bravo Bravo!"

Laura, RTM Reader

"Thanks for a very useful website. I just started driving last year
and bought my first car a few months ago."

Chuck Sinclair, VP Communications, Goodyear Tires

"I really liked the context that you put the story in, and am sharing it extensively with people I know because it does a nice job of education of the importance of tires."

MKR, Michigan

"[Women:Their Own Worst Enemy?] was extremely validating and empowering! Thank you for the encouragement to continue becoming and pursuing my professional goals! It can be challenging, even while utilizing the support of all of your cheerleaders, it seems as though those 'nefarious breed of sharks' are truly lurking around everywhere!"

"[The] article on Driving issues that matter was very interesting. Thanks for caring. Well-written article."

"I really enjoyed reading [the cover profile on Desma Reid-Coleman]. I have enjoyed being part of NAWBO and for getting to know Desma she is a real ispiration to all of us. You wrote a wonderful article and truly caught the essence of Desma."

Eduardo, Volunteer Firefighter

"Great article.....fantastic cover for [BOND].....yes, indeed, they are firing up classical music in more ways than one. I'm a volunteer firefighter and when I'm working at our fire station, I bring along my laptop, hook it into the speakers on our main engine, fire up the music and everybody knows who's working on the equipment.....

The other firefighters initially complained, but quelled their voices when they saw BOND on my laptop's DVD.......suddenly, classical music has taken an upturn! Wonder why?

Thanks for a great article......too bad BOND isn't touring the U.S.......I'd buy a ticket for the music alone.....the rest would be eye candy!"

Lisa, RTM reader

"I found [the Kathy Buckley profile story] to be enlightening and motivational, keep up the great articles."

Michelle Neilson, avid international traveler

"I think this site is excellent! It breathes new life into the network of American women shoppers and travelers."

Steve Ford,

"Congratulations on another outstanding and unique awards ceremony. Last year was terrific, this year it was even better, with the State of Michigan and Jennifer Granholm. As I told my wife 'Courtney is braking the gender gap!'"

Lora Kratchounova,

"I came across your publication and site recently and reviewed it with great interest. Your content is filling an important gap in the travel space, catering to the unique travel needs and challenges of today’s active women."

Sandee Wright, Timberwolf Creek B&B, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

"Delightful! I arrived on your site via a link from Madelyn's in the Grove B&B, Union Grove NC. Back in my "other life" prior to innkeeping, I was an aerospace engineer and spent a *LOT* of time on the road, in the air, etc. Now, I'm a B&B owner tucked away in the North Carolina mountains, with a '65 Mustang to restore. Your website does seem to cover it all! Looking forward to many hours on your site."

From another reader:

"Kathleen Ligocki of Ford: She is a wonderful role model for the American woman. She does not compromise her ethics. She meets people where they are and encourages and supports them. It was a great article about a great gal. We will hear more about Kathleen in the years to come. Thank you."

Susan Maddox, Owner & Innkeeper, Rosemont B&B,
Little Rock, Arkansas:

"I have visited the RTM website and I was extremely impressed. When I was a traveling businesswoman, I wish this had been available to me."

Carolyn Russell, President,
C. Russell & Company Public Relations

"I just wanted to say thank you for including Candlewood's Hotel at Old Town in your very, very nice piece on Wichita. It's refreshing to see such good writing and photography."

Kim Cook, managing editor,
Corvette Fever Magazine

"Yesterday, quite by curiosity, I discovered your Web site. A recent issue of Corvette Quarterly magazine, reports your selection of the 2001 Corvette Z06 as the vehicle with the 'Most Sex Appeal.' I couldn't agree more with your selection. .... Curiosity about RTM, though, got me online searching for your site. Moments later, I found myself in the midst of content that was refreshingly relevant, real, and interesting. Often I find so little on the Web that speaks directly to me as an intelligent professional woman. I was pleasantly surprised and instantly hooked."

From Carol Weis:

"Thank you for your time and attention and for the wonderful work you do for women."

From Sally Croker, Marketing & Events, Town of Dillon, Colorado:

"I showed ['The Sunny Side of Dillon'] to my supervisor (the Town Treasurer), we are both very impressed with the article, especially the accuracy and attention to detail. It is rare that I read such a well written article about Dillon that actually talks about Dillon and all that we have to offer."

From Dave King, Queen Anne B&B, Denver, Colo.:

"Thank you for your ongoing efforts in PR for those of us who sometimes have something different to offer."

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