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TIA: Online Travel Planning Grows
in Popularity

Online Travel Booking Increases

Looks like we won't be out of a job anytime soon. More and more of you are heading online to seek travel information, according to the Travel Industry Association of America -- approximately 64 million Americans now research their travel options online.

This marks a dramatic rise from 1997 when just 12 million Americans
planned and researched travel options via the Net.

Around 42 percent of online travel planners say they now do all or
most of their trip planning online, up from 29 percent last year.

In 2002, over 39 million people actually booked travel using the
Internet, up 25 percent on 2001.

The research also indicates that 70 percent of travel planners say
they now carry out at least half of their travel booking online,
compared with 56 percent last year.

Airlines tickets continue to be the most frequently purchased travel
item with 77 percent of all online travel bookers having bought a
plane ticket over the Net.

Accommodation has been purchased by around 57 percent of online travel bookers, while rental cars have been bought by 37 percent of online buyers.

About a quarter of travel bookers buy tickets for cultural events
online, while a further 25 percent buy travel packages.

The study also reveals that over 30 percent of online travel bookers spent $2,500 (US) or more in the past year on Internet travel purchases.

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