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Lost Luggage Regulations

Lost Luggage still remains the number one complaint of air travelers but Under the newly ratified Montreal Convention airlines now face paying up to £800 for each item of lost luggage. The legislation applies to all flights departing or arriving in any of the 54 countries that have signed up to the treaty. New legislation replaces the out dated Warsaw Convention which limited the airlines liability to only £12 per kilogram of luggage.

While this is good news for passengers the airlines are looking to ways of making sure they do not lose any more luggage thus avoiding costly payouts.

Chris Truelove managing director of said, "The new regulations could really hit the airlines hard. We have been overwhelmed by the number of enquiries from airlines who want us to provide our Internet traceable luggage tags to their passengers. The budget airlines in particular just cannot afford to pay out these sort of sums for lost luggage. We are currently working with two of the major low cost airlines to provide tags for their customers."

It is no coincidence that some of the low cost airlines have raised, and in the case of EasyJet- scraped their weight allowance for carry on baggage. Truelove Says, "The airlines are going all out to try and prevent lost luggage. By upping the carry on allowance they are cutting the chance of a bag being lost, if they encourage passages with hold luggage to use our globalbagtag system they can reduce their potential payouts to almost zero."

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