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OnStar Praised for Service During Airbag Deployment Call

January 20, 2004 -- Mary Lamb of Scottsville, N.Y., was traveling with her son when she was involved in a vehicle crash with her 2003 Buick Rendezvous. The air bags deployed and OnStar was immediately contacted.

OnStar Advisor Anthony Atiase contacted local emergency crews, who were quickly dispatched to the scene, and connected Lamb's husband with them. She believes it would have taken much longer for help to arrive if it hadn't been for OnStar.

"I couldn't find my cell phone to make a call and cars were driving by us without stopping," commented Lamb.

She was quite shaken and her son sustained minor injuries. Later, Lamb called OnStar to say her vehicle was totaled but to be rest-assured her next vehicle would have OnStar in it.

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