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OnStar Improves Accessibility for People with Disabilities

General Motors is offering a toll-free text telephone (TTY) help line through its OnStar subsidiary and an industry-exclusive Sit-N-Lift seat on its new GM crossover sport vans. The announcement coincides with the 14th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26. The Act's accessibility guidelines (ADAAG) have been rewritten and signed in commemoration of the anniversary.

OnStar's real-time, 24/7 TTY phone line
GM's OnStar will offer a TTY help line for subscribers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired (and other TTY users).

The toll-free TTY phone number, 1-877-248-2080, enables direct communication between TTY users and the OnStar call center through a text telephone device that plugs into a landline or cell phone.

OnStar subscribers can directly contact an OnStar advisor using a TTY device from outside the vehicle for stolen vehicle location assistance, remote door unlocks, remote lights and horn (to locate a vehicle in a crowded parking lot or garage) and customer care issues. The OnStar subscriber's TTY will transmit text directly to a live OnStar advisor who is trained in the use of TTY devices and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer care issues will be handled from 6 a.m.-1 a.m. EDT.

Industry-exclusive Sit-N-Lift Feature
GM is also strengthening and expanding its commitment to providing transportation solutions for seniors, caregivers and people with disabilities. GM's industry-exclusive Sit-N-Lift seat is being expanded beyond the Chevrolet Venture and Pontiac Montana vehicle lines to include the new Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana SV6, Buick Terraza and Saturn RELAY crossover sport vans.

Sit-N-Lift is a fully motorized, rotating lift-and-lower passenger seat that makes it easier for seniors or people with disabilities to enter and exit the vehicle. GM is the only automotive manufacturer in the U.S. to offer the power seat as a dealer-installed option.

The GM Mobility Reimbursement Program will cover the original owner's removal and reinstallation costs of transferring Sit-N-Lift from a 2004 Chevrolet Venture, Pontiac Montana or Oldsmobile Silhouette into a new 2005 Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana SV6, Buick Terraza or Saturn RELAY when the transfer is done by a General Motor's franchised dealer.

Introduced in October 2003, Sit-N-Lift is now offered by GM dealerships located in nearly all 50 states and Canada. For more information on Sit-N-Lift and GM Mobility, call 800-323-9935, TTY Users 800-833-9935 or visit

About GM
General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, employs about 325,000 people globally. Founded in 1908, GM has been the global automotive sales leader since 1931. GM today has manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 192 countries.

About OnStar
Available on more than 50 General Motor's models and select models from six other auto manufacturers, OnStar is the nation's leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and information services. OnStar is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM and currently serves 2.5 million customers. For more information about OnStar, visit

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