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Onstar Road Side Assistance

New This Month at OnStar

Spanish Speaking OnStar

With the Hispanic population approaching 45 million in the United States, GM and OnStar are strengthening their commitment to provide subscribers the best in-vehicle communications and assistance service available by launching an industry-first service enhancement - OnStar en Espaòol.

Top 10 Car Care Tips

Monitor your vehicle's maintenance schedule year-round. Spring and Fall Car Care Months are great seasonal reminders but there are new and easier ways to receive vehicle maintenance reminders. Through wireless technology, OnStar offers a monthly e-mail report, called OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which sends data on four key operating systems to help 2004 and newer GM car owners decide when their car needs service or maintenance.For example, the report links with the GM Oil-Life System to let you know when it's time for an oil change. [CARCARE]

Vehicles with OnStar

Buick OnStar Vehicles        Chevrolet OnStar Vehicles    

GMC OnStar VehiclesCadillac OnStar Vehicles       

Renew Your Subscription

Renewing your OnStar sub-scription online is easy. Just log into our secure site using your account number. Then pick your plan, enter your credit card information and verify your personal information. Don't go one day without the safety and security of OnStar. [RENEW]

One Million and Growing

In just over six months since its introduction, the innovative service is an industry first that is quickly gaining momentum and has had very strong receptivity among the OnStar subscriber base. To date, more than one million GM vehicle owners have signed up for OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which is available to eligible OnStar subscribers as part of their basic service.

Safety for Women

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the miles women are driving to work and carpooling kids are steadily increasing, in fact, women are driving more than men. This rise in travel has left women feeling vulnerable. A recent OnStar survey reveals 4 in 10 women feel unsafe while driving alone and 3 in 4 said their uneasiness increased with their children in the car.

Additionally women survey respondents cited the following areas of most concern while traveling alone or with their children: engine trouble, getting a flat tire, getting into an accident, getting lost or running out of gas.

What is OnStar?

Using innovative technology, OnStar provides the latest information and assistance for on-the-road safety. Just press the blue OnStar button and get connected to the OnStar Center where trained, knowledgeable, live Advisors are ready to help. Plus, some OnStar vehicles offer the ability to send and receive calls. [VISIT ONSTAR]

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