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GM's OnStar to Introduce Multilanguage Voice Services

August 4, 2004 -- OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, announced an enhancement to their sixth generation of hardware that includes capability to change language preferences between English, French, and Spanish at the press of the OnStar button.

General Motor's OnStar subscribers will be able to interact with OnStar's voice recognition system in Spanish, French or English. With the push of a button an OnStar advisor can change the voice recognition prompts, allowing the subscriber to interact with the system in their preferred language. Voice recognition has been available to OnStar subscribers in English and French, although call center advisor service has been available in all three languages.

"This new extension to our service is an example of OnStar's strong commitment to the diversity market in which we are enhancing the customer experience and it is a natural extension of OnStar's industry-leading in-vehicle safety and security services" said OnStar's Vice President, Don Butler.

The hardware advancement will enable Spanish-speaking subscribers to use OnStar Personal Calling, OnStar's embedded hands-free, voice-activated, cellular phone in their preferred language. The OnStar language preference is selected during the sales delivery process. The subscriber when making a call from their OnStar system to an OnStar advisor can change language selection.

The new hardware will available on over 50 new General Motor's cars and trucks, beginning spring 2005. As part of an integrated strategy to drive customer satisfaction, OnStar's offering of enhanced language capabilities is part of General Motors focus on satisfying the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. General Motors has a clear appreciation for the needs of all its customers, and these influences are integrated throughout the company from design, manufacturing, sales, and service.

About OnStar
OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the nation's leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and information services using the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network and wireless technology. OnStar is available on more than 50 GM models for 2004. OnStar safety and security services include automatic notification of air bag deployment, stolen vehicle location, emergency services, roadside assistance with location, remote door unlock, GM Goodwrench remote vehicle diagnostics, route support, OnStar concierge and convenience services. OnStar Personal Calling allows drivers to make and receive hands-free, voice-activated phone calls. More information about OnStar can be found at

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