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How to Find a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Out of concern for their pet's health, well-being and safety, more people are avoiding kennel, boarding and daycare facilities, and even family members or the neighbor's kids, in favor of home-based pet care. However, the difficulty of finding reliable, at-home service providers has spawned the need for firm guidelines on selecting the right professional.

"Selecting a sitter to care for a pet and home is a very personal decision that should not be taken lightly," cautions Paul Mann, founder of FETCH! Pet Care—a pet care franchise offering professional at-home pet sitting services. "Despite conventional thinking, all at-home pet care service providers are not alike. A touch of due diligence is key to ensure you find a highly trained, reliable and well-screened animal caretaker to best meet each pets' unique needs—and your appropriately high expectations.

Below, we've listed some basic tips for to remember when choosing a pet sitter and/or company.


  • Ensure the company is fully bonded and insured and offers a satisfaction guarantee

  • Confirm that your sitter has undergone a criminal background check and has received proper training

  • Verify the company can accommodate your desired vacation schedule, especially during busy holidays

  • Make sure backup sitters are available in case your primary sitter has an emergency

  • Confirm the company offers a free in-home consultation for you to pre-interview your sitter and establish a "comfort level" for you, the pet(s) and your sitter

  • Ensure the company offers 7-day per week telephone and email availability and rapid response  


  • Shop for a pet care provider on price alone. Often, the lowest-cost providers lack insurance, bonding, professional training and the backup staff required to properly handle problems or emergencies that arise

  • Unnecessarily subject your pets to crowded kennels, boarding or daycare facilities—primary breeding grounds for airborne diseases such as kennel cough and canine influenza. Also often a cause of psychological trauma including separation anxiety and depression

  • Leave your pet care to the local neighbor's kid, who might be forgetful and shirk their full pet care responsibilities. Even those with good intentions can still fall far short relative to proper pet care

  • Assume that you can leave your pets home alone and unattended with a large supply of food and water while you're away. Pets can knock over their food and water bowls or feeders, lock themselves in rooms, get their claws caught in soft materials, choke on food or hairballs, cause unforeseen damage to items in your home, and could be trapped should a fire or other unforeseen emergency occur in or near your home or apartment 

To find a reliable pet sitter near you, check out FETCH!'s online pet sitter locator at

(Sources: FETCH!)