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Vacationing Without Pets - Automatic Pet Products

Leaving Your Pets at Home: How to Vacation Solo

Everyone wants to include Fido when weekending in the Adirondacks or visiting the lake, but when it comes to far-and-few-between romantic rendezvous, the pup's gotta stay at home. To keep your pets happy and healthy while away, owners should consider letting them roam at home... with the help of a pet sitter, of course. Not only does staying at home reduce anxiety in animals and allow them to enjoy familiar, comfortable surroundings while you're away, it ensures you a responsibility-free getaway.

In a recent survey, 25 percent of pet owners responded that they take fewer vacations due to their pawed pals, and six percent admitted to vacationing to escape pet care duty alone!

To make sure that your pets are getting the best care, even while the pet sitter is at work, consider purchasing some of the following pet care items, designed for automatic feeding and cleaning.

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Vacationing without Pets - PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder

Keep feeding consistent with this five-meal pet feeder by PetSafe; it's simple to use and operated with the aid of four D-cell batteries. It provides five, one-cup portions in a dishwasher-safe tray that rotates as set by an electronic timer--at whatever time you wish. (Also available in a two-meal feeder.)
$50 at PetsMart.

Vacationing without Pets - Auto Pet Oasis Waterer

Pets will never have to bark at the bowl again. With Auto Pet Oasis Waterer, owners can feel assured that their pet won't be going thirsty. Extremely low-maintenance and whisper quiet, this three-gallon waterer filters water through an eight layer system before delivering it to your pet. (Smaller and larger sizes avialable.) $80 at SmartHome.

Vacationing without Pets - Simply Clean automatic litter box

Waste Removal
Here's a buy that cat owners will use year-round. Simply Clean, a continuous self-cleaning litterbox system, slowly rotates (one rotation per hour) while plugged in, so your kitty can go in quiet. A small conveyer system sifts through litter, depositing any clumps in a connected container that can be easily lined with a recycled plastic bag. $140 at

Vacationing without Pets - Extreme Weather Pet Door

Outdoor Access
Let your indoor/outdoor pets roam your fenced yard as they please with the Extreme Weather Pet Door, which saves energy in hot and cold weather while allowing animals to choose their favored conditions. The innovative three-flap system offers a shield from drafts, rain and pesky insects. (Available in small, medium and large sizes.)
Prices start at $42 at

Vacationing without Pets - Thermo Sash II Pet Door

Let your cat in and out as well--through the window, no less--with the Thermo Sash II, a tool-free installed window door that allows easy ins and outs. Dual pane, insulated glass controls climate inside and a choice of satin aluminum, white or dark brown frames makes for a well blended look in your home. (Both regular and electronic models are available.) Prices start at $195 at