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Green Automotive Resources

Green Automotive Resources Simplify Shopping

Whether they are purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle, more and more consumers are considering the option of going green and fuel efficient for their next purchase. New services from outlets such as AutoTrader and will make it easy for these environmentally conscious consumers to purchase and research eco-friendly automobiles.

AutoTrader’s Green Magazine

According to AutoTrader, in 2007, the "budget cars" segment - small, inexpensive models such as the Chevrolet Aveo, Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris that achieve extremely good gas mileage grew by nearly 48 percent. Hybrids were the next best-selling segment with a 34 percent increase, while the overall auto sales market was flat from the previous year.

To help more auto dealers and consumers address the growing demand for fuel- efficient vehicles AutoTrader Publishing, a national automotive classifieds magazine company, is expanding the content of its new Green magazine.

Unlike other classified auto titles, AutoTrader Green features only vehicles that average more than 30 miles per gallon. Following on the successful launch of AutoTrader Green in Seattle and Portland in 2007, the magazine is now published in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington D.C., Minneapolis and Charlotte. It can be found at local convenience stores.

"By presenting all the fuel-efficient vehicles in one magazine, we make it easier for dealers to showcase their inventories to buyers looking expressly for fuel-efficient cars and light trucks," said Ian MacDonald, senior vice president of Sales for Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart. "We also make it easier for consumers to shop because now they can find all the information they need from one source. No other auto classifieds publication matches buyers to sellers as effectively."

To help consumers make the most educated choice possible, each issue of AutoTrader Green includes articles about green vehicles.

The marketplace for fuel-efficient vehicles is expanding rapidly. According to J.D. Power and Associates, as many as 65 hybrids (28 cars and 37 light trucks) will be available by 2010. And the pool of potential buyers appears to be keeping pace; in addition to the exploding "budget cars" segment, 13 percent of U.S. consumers say they are likely or very likely to purchase a hybrid vehicle within the next five years.

"The 'green' movement is nothing new for AutoTrader Publishing," said MacDonald. "All of our print products use recycled paper. We believe that AutoTrader Green benefits not only dealers and consumers but also the environment by encouraging sales of fuel-efficient vehicles."’s Green Search

Also, reacting to demand for green cars,, a leader in the automotive lease marketplace and lease transfers online, has made it easier for consumers to search for green lease vehicles and lease transfers by adding a new search category permitting lease seekers to target environmentally friendly vehicles.

According to, "Green" search results are intended to help lease buyers locate vehicles that are making an effort to reduce their ecological footprint. Automobiles categorized as green are considered based on environmentally friendly features such as alternative fuels, low emissions, fuel efficiency, recyclability and green manufacturing. management concedes the new search category may yield some initially surprising or non-traditional "Green" vehicle results.

For instance, many automotive consumers may not realize that GM is now offering a full size sport utility vehicle with a hybrid option netting significantly better than average fuel economy when compared to the competition. More traditional "Green" vehicles such as the Toyota Prius will be represented as well.

Automakers today consider environmental impact when choosing materials and designing manufacturing processes. For years BMW has marketed the fact that the vehicles they produce are environmentally friendly at the end of the product life cycle. The German automaker accomplishes this primarily through extensive use of easily recyclable plastics and non-toxic finishing materials.

Speaking of performance oriented vehicles; one should not jump to the conclusion that "Green" vehicles equate low performance. A well-known example of this is the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette that is rated at 26 MPG while producing in excess of 400 horsepower. Another example is the much publicized, fully electric Tesla Roadster, which is capable of 0 to 60 in approximately 4 seconds as claimed by the manufacturer.

For more information or to transfer a lease, lease or buy green. Visit or AutoTrader for green deals.


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