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7th Annual Sexy Car Buyer's Guide
by Steve Siler

~ 2003 ~

Is it us, or are the faces on TV these days getting better and better looking? I mean, really, how do these people get so beautiful? Whether it's the happenstance of just extra-great genetics of today's movie stars, ambitious efforts of Hollywood talent scouts to discover untapped beauties or the gifted abilities of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons (we're inclined to go with the latter), we are increasingly flooded to the point of drowning by provocative images of beauty and sex at every turn of the channel.

And it doesn't stop at the commercials breaks. When we are smacked by a TV spot for a Chrysler, Lexus or Jaguar (or virtually any carmaker, for that matter), we come face to face with beauty and sex appeal once again, but this time it's the cars, not just the people, that are dripping with sex appeal. It seems that an unbridled obsession with beauty is not unique to the Hollywood set but is also shared by today's automotive designers. And the truly gifted among them use the myriad innovations in lighting technology, body stamping, advanced materials and all that jazz to design ever prettier faces for their cars, just as a clinical aestheticians use botox, silicone and composites to create pretty faces for their drivers.

Now, automotive sex appeal comes in many shapes and sizes these days, so in order not to get too excited, we narrowed the field to the following 11 sporty vehicles in our 2003 Sports Car Buyer's Guide by limiting door count to just two and capping the price at a none-too-cheap $80K, with no more than one vehicle per maker. Together, this group is like the final 11 contestants at the Miss Universe Pageant: each one gorgeous, gifted and swimming in sexiness.

A fork in the road....either navigate through our sexy car buyer's guide by clicking on 'Start' or by selecting one of the models listed below!