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2009 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid

2009 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid Road Test

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Saturn VUE 2 Mode Hybrid

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You could call the new Saturn Vue "Greenline" V-6 Hybrid a vision of the future. The 2 mode hybrid sport utility vehicle should debut around January of 2009 as a 2009 model. But that doesn't stop Saturn dealers from itching for this fuel-stingy vehicle that promises to win over buyers agonizing over fill-up costs and who need an SUV with a little more power.

2009 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid
2009 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid Interior

Saturn claims bragging rights for having the "world's most fuel efficient" V-6 SUV, with the all-new 2009 Satuern Vue 2 Mode Hyrbid combining both power and fuel efficiency about 50 percent better than the non-hybrid V-6.

Vue buyers who opt for the new version can expect some tangible rewards including about a 500 mile range on a single tank of regular fuel. Its towing capacity should be around 3,500 pounds — for more serious trailering than a small open utility cart.

This will be the second fuel efficient hybrid in Saturn's Vue lineup, and the first front-drive, two-mode hybrid "in the world" for a V-6, according to parent company, General Motors Corporation. It joins an earlier four-cylinder hybrid Vue model already out that uses a base 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine and four speed transmission augmented by electric motor power.

The new V-6 hybrid, with European styling cues, won't let its drivers forget they're in a special technology vehicle, thanks to special hybrid badging and a more aerodynamic stance. Inside, a full color real-time nav system displays the hybrid's operation.

Saturn's new V-6 Vue 2 Mode Hybrid should debut aroudn the high $20K range, before tax credits. While fuel economy hasn't yet been determined, it's expected to be a  reverse of the type of numbers delivered by the 2008 four-cyliner hybrid model with a 32 highway/ 25 city rating. The Vue 2 Mode Hybrid for 2009 is geared for more efficient stop-and-go driving.

Those anxious to buy one will have to wait a bit. But one thing is sure — it will offer a much less fuel-hungry way of transporting as many as five passengers in a four-door sport utility vehicle without having to compromise comfort or capability.