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Road & Travel Magazine's 2012 SUV Buyer's Guide written by Martha Hindes

2012 SUV Buyer's Guide - Road & Travel's Top 10 Picks

by Martha Hindes

The few remaining days of summer can be an ideal time for a last, warm weekend trip, a drive to the local lake or river launch to set the boat afloat for an invigorating spin on the water, a chance to pack in the kids for one more overnight camping trip before the dreaded first days of the new school semester. Having the correct wheels to take best advantage of such late balmy days can come in many shapes and with many price tags. But at Road & Travel, we think the tried and true sport utility vehicle makes sense especially if they're packed with value, when it comes time for serious late summer vacationing. Hence, our 2012 Sport Utility Buyer's Guide.

Consider some reasons. Nothing tows quite as well as a true SUV, designed with that capability in mind. Sure, some comfort-cushioned road cruisers claim a similar talent. But the serious ability to haul a watercraft or camper designed into an SUV can provide more handling capability and less maneuvering frustration in the process.

For those who travel well-loaded, SUV-top rails found on many models add that extra dimension of carrying capacity for the trunk, bike or kayak that simply wouldn't fit inside. And the spaciousness of an SUV not overly streamlined or funky in style can make the difference in enjoying a lengthy drive without feeling confined while en route.

With those advantages, we share our perspective of some sport utility vehicles that can fill such requirements in our 2012 Sport Utility Buyer's Guide. And we offer a friendly, early fall “bon voyage,” as a sendoff.

2012 SUV Buyer's Guide - Road & Travel's Top 10 Picks

Acura RDX

Honda Pilot

Buick Enclave

Hyundai Veracruz

Ford Explorer

Subaru Tribeca