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New Car Guides

New Car Road Test Reviews


2002 Road Test Review Archive

2002 BMW 7-Series
2002 GMC Envoy
2002 Infiniti Q45
2002 Jeep Liberty
2002 Ford Thunderbird
2002 Ford Bullitt Mustang
2002 Chevy Avalanche
2002 Jaguar X-Type
2002 Hummer


HISTORIAL NOTE: Road & Travel Magazine launched as a print magazine in January 1989. It remained in print for 12 years. In 2000, RTM launched, becoming one of the very first national print magazines in the world to transition to an online magazine when the Internet was still in its infancy. Recognizing early on that the Internet was the wave of the future, RTM editors launched with 500 pages. Today, RTM has more than 6000 pages of content and 38 unique travel and automotive channels as seen in RTMs navigation bar.

Told by advertisers and sponsors that the Internet was 'just a fad' and 'would never become anything more than a plaything for kids,' RTM editors saw the Internet as a medium that would take over print within 15 years. Today, nearly all newspapers and magazines have a website and many print publications struggle to survive. Some have been driven out of business due to the rise in popularity of the Internet, the medium thought to be 'just a fad.'

RTM's Back Issue section began in 2002 after it transitioned from print to Internet. Print was discontinued and back issues are no longer available except for those archived by the publisher. However, a few of RTM's early covers can be seen in its founder's biography. Note: When RTM was in print, it was called American Woman Road & Travel. American Woman was dropped from the title and shortened to when launched online to appeal to and attract all readers worldwide with an interest in car buying, travel safety, RVing, and climate change. Today, RTM is considered a consumer lifestyle magazine for all.

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