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Are You an Aggressive Driver

How to Avoid Aggressive Drivers & Avoid Being One

As tempers rage, yelling and tailgating are becoming more commonplace on the roads today as is extremely aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is more prevalent than many drivers think, according to Sandra Ball-Rokeach, co-director of a Media and Injury Prevention Program at University of Southern California.

"Aggressive driving is now the most common way of driving," said Ball-Rokeach.

According to Ball-Rokeach, reports of aggressive drivers chasing, punching or shooting their victims are disturbingly common. However, she maintains that drivers can avoid dangerous and even deadly altercations by learning about and overcoming aggressive driving behaviors and avoiding other vehicles driving dangerously.

Common Aggressive Driving Behaviors

  • Speeding up when someone tries to pass you

  • Tailgating people who are going slower than you

  • Weaving in and out of traffic

  • Passing cars on the right

  • Flashing your headlights at vehicles

  • Overusing your horn

  • Making obscene gestures

  • Yelling out your window at people

  • Racing for a position on the highway

Be sure to avoid these behaviors if you find yourself in an aggressive driving situation. Also, to stay safe on the road, you should learn how to avoid encounters with aggressive drivers. By practicing defensive driving and steering clear of aggressive drivers, you can avoid accidents and dangerous situations.

Tips to Avoid Aggressive Drivers

  • Don't block passing lanes.

  • Avoid blocking right-hand turn lanes.

  • Don't take more than one parking space.

  • Don't tailgate.

  • Don't stop in the road to talk with pedestrians or drivers.

  • If you travel slowly, pull over and allow traffic to pass you.

  • Avoid eye contact with aggressive drivers.

  • Keep your eyes on the road.

  • Keep away from erratic drivers.

  • Don't challenge other drivers by speeding up to hold your own in your travel lane.

  • Ignore gestures and do not return them.

For more information about safe driving visit State Farm Insurance.



Source: State Farm Insurance