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Safety on the Highway of Life

Tips for Safe Driving at Any Age

How safe are America's highways? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 6 million motor vehicle crashes take place in America each year, resulting in an injury every 11 seconds and a motor vehicle fatality every 12 minutes.

Establishing and maintaining good driving habits can have a profound impact on whether your vehicle becomes part of the statistics. There are a lot of factors that go into safe driving, particularly age and experience. 

"While it's impossible to control the habits of other drivers, it is possible to adjust your driving habits to make the time on the road as event-free as possible," says MetLife Auto & Home president Bill Moore. "Every day, our Claim Department receives reports of claims that could have been prevented, had the basic principles of defensive driving and driver attentiveness been observed."

MetLife offers a series of materials targeted to help drivers on every stage of the age spectrum. Here are some important topics to consider that may be affecting your family:

Teaching Teens Behind the Wheel
The strategy is to educate teens about safe driving and make sure they've had plenty of instruction with a seasoned driver prior to driving solo. "Teaching Your Teens to Drive (Without Driving Each Other Crazy!)" can help. The step-by-step guide is designed to help make the teen driving experience as painless as possible. The booklet provides parents and guardians with important guidelines to follow before their teenagers get behind the wheel, and emphasizes the importance that preparation and planning can play in defusing potentially stressful situations.

Refreshing Your Driving Skills
Even drivers who've been behind the wheel for years could use a refresher on important safety tips and information. "In the Drivers Seat: About Driving Safely" offers an important brush-up course for more experienced drivers. The booklet contains information on safe driving basics, including defensive driving tips, the facts on cell phone usage, what to do in the event of a car breakdown or accident, tips on how to avoid collisions with deer and other animals, and information about air bag and antilock brake systems.

Especially For Seniors
It's important for drivers of all ages to continually and honestly gauge their ability behind the wheel. "A Driver's Life: Assessing Your Driving Skills as You Age" provides essential information for older drivers who want to hold on to the keys of their vehicles for as long as they safely can. The booklet outlines the physical effects of aging that could impact driving ability, as well as tips on coping with them in order to remain a safe driver for the long run.

For more safe driving information, visit MetLife Auto & Home

Source: MetLife Auto & Home